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英语考试作文常用词汇 第1篇



In the first place

First and foremost

To begin with

The most important factor that we have to take into consideration is …



In the second place

What is more

Further more




In addition



Besides what’s mentioned above , it’s necessary to think about… In addition to what’s talked about above. it’s necessary to think about …



Nonetheless(虽然如此 ,但是)




In naturally follows that … (由此可见)


As a result


In conclusion

To conclude

In a/one word



With the development / society / culture / economy / information technology / industry / commerce / industrialization and commercialization

more and more people are paying attention to … / attention is paid by more and more people to …


There’s no doubt that / in saying that…

There’s no exaggeration in saying that … (毫不夸张的说)

It’s known to us all that … (众所周知) / it’s well-known that … It’s not too much to say that … (很不过分的`说)

It’s a surprise that…

It’s a fact that … (事实上)


To a certain extent(在某种程度上)

To a some degree (在很大程度上)

To a large degree(同上)

For one reason or another(因为某种原因)

To put it in another away (换句话说)

Directly or indirectly(直接或间接)

As a matter of fact(事实上)

In one way or another(以某种方式)

English is , to a large degree , important

Computer , directly or indirectly , influences our life

Computer can , as a matter of fact , influence our life

位置:be后 行前 助行间



Because of that …

Primarily owing to that …(主要因为)

Partly due to that … (部分因为)

In that …

例 (简单句变复杂句) :

English is important.

It’s known to us well that English is , to a large degree , important . due to that English is becoming a world language and it’s becoming more and more popular .

Computer influence life

There’s no doubt that computer , directly or indirectly , to a large degree , influences our life . primarily owing to that computer can improve the efficiency of our work and study.

Doing part-time job can broaden our horizon

It’s not too much to say that doing part-time job can , to some degree , in one way or another , broaden our horizon ,party due to that we can understand more about the society by knowing a lot of people


1、 好坏与平衡



Reap a lot of benefits from … 从…收获好处

Every coin has its two sides 每个事物都有两面性

2、 允许与禁止

Allow sb to do sth

Permit sb to do sth


Sb is premmitted to do sth


Ask for the permission from …

Forbit sb to do sth 禁止某人做…

3、 学校与课程

In university

During my university life

On campus

Major in (主修)

Optional course (选修课)

英语考试作文常用词汇 第2篇

ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line,不对称数字订阅线路)

AH(Authentication Header,鉴定文件头)

AMR(Audio/Modem Riser,音效/数据主机板附加直立插卡)

ARP(Address Resolution Protocol,地址解析协议)

ATM(Asynchronous Transfer Mode,异步传输模式)

BOD(Bandwidth On Demand,弹性带宽运用)

CBR(Committed Burst Rate,约定突发速率)

CCIRN(Coordinating Commi* for Intercontinental Research Networking,洲际研究网络协调委员会)

CCM(Call Control Manager,拨号**管理)

CDSL(Consumer Digital Subscriber Line,消费者数字订阅线路)

CGI(Common Gateway Interface,通用网关接口)

CIEA(Commercial Internet Exchange Association,商业因特网交易协会)

CIR(Committed Information Rate,约定信息速率)

CTS(Clear to Send,**发送)

DBS-PC(Direct Broadcast Satellite PC,人造卫星直接广播式PC)

DCE(Data Circuit Terminal Equipment,数据通信设备)

DES(Data Encryption Standard,数据加密标准)

DMT(Discrete Multi - Tone,不连续多基频模式)

DNS(Domain Name System,域名系统)

DOCSIS(Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications,线缆服务接口数据规格)

DTE(Data Terminal Equipment,数据终端设备)

EBR(Excess Burst Rate,超额突发速率)

ESP(Encapsulating Security Payload,压缩安全有效载荷)

FDM(Frequency Division Multi,频率分离)


FRICC(Federal Research Internet Coordinating Commi*,联邦**因特网协调委员会)

FTP(File Transfer Protocol,文件传输协议)

Ghost(General Hardware Oriented System Transfer,全面硬件导向系统转移)

HDSL(High bit rate DSL,高比特率数字订阅线路)

HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol,超文本传输协议)

ICMP(Internet Control Message Protocol,因特网信息**协议)

IETF(Internet Engineering Task Framework,因特网工程任务组)

IKE(Internet Key Exchange,因特网密钥交换协议)

IMAP4(Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4,第四版因特网信息存取协议)


IP(Internet Protocol,网际协议)

ISDN(Integrated Service Digital Network,综合服务数字网络)

ISOC(Internet Society,因特网协会)

ISP(Internet Service Provider,因特网服务提供商)

LAN(Local Area Network,局域网)

LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol,轻权目录访问协议)


IAB(Internet Activities Board,因特网工作委员会)

IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force,因特网工程作业推动)

L2TP(Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol,二级通道协议)

LMDS(Local Multipoint Distributed System,局域多点分布式系统)

MIME(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension,多用途因特网邮件扩展协议)

MNP(Microcom Networking Protocol)

MODEM(Modulator Demodulator,调制解调器)

NAT(Network Address Translation,网络地址转换)

NC(Network Com*r,网络计算机)

NDS(Novell Directory Service,Novell目录服务)

NNTP(Network News Transfer Protocol,网络**传输协议)

MSN(Microsoft Network,微软网络)

OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing,直角频率部分多路复用)

P3P(Privacy Preference Project,个人私隐安全平台)

PDS(Public Directory Support,公众目录**)

PGP(Pretty Good Privacy,优良保密协议)

PICS(Platform for Internet Content Selection,因特网内容选择平台)

POF(Polymer Optical Fiber,聚合体光纤)

POP3(Post Office Protocol Version 3,第三版电子邮局协议)

PPTP(Point to Point Tunneling Protocol,点对点通道协议)

RADSL(Rate Adaptive DSL,速率自适应数字订阅线路)

RARP(Reverse Address Resolution Protocol,反向地址解析协议)

RDF(Resource Description Framework,资源描述框架)

RSA(Rivest Shamir Adlemen,一种因特网加密和认证体系)

RTS(Request To Send,需求发送)

SIS(Switched Internetworking Services,交换式网络互联服务)

S/MIME(Secure MIME,安全多用途因特网邮件扩展协议)

SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol,简单网络管理协议)

SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol,简单邮件传输协议)

SKIP(Simple Key Exchange Internet Protocol,因特网简单密钥交换协议)

SUA(Single User Account,单用户账号)

TCP(Transmission Control Protocol,传输**协议)

UART(Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter,通用异步接收/发送装置)

UDP(User Datagram Protocol,用户数据报协议)

ULS(User Location Service,用户定位服务)

VOD(Video On Demand,视频点播)

WWW(World Wide Web,万维网,是因特网的一部分)


trust fund 信托基金

trust receipt 信托收据

type sample 标准样品

ultimate consumer 最后消费者

unassignable letter of credit 不可转让信用证

unclean B/L 有债务提单

unconditional delivery 无条件交货

unconfirmed credit 未确认信用证

unconfirmed letter of credit 未确认信用证

uncontrollable costs 不能**的成本

unearned income 未获利润

unfavorable balance of trade 贸易逆差

unfavorable trade balance 贸易顺差

unfilled orders 未发货的订单

unfinished work 未完成的`工作

uniform customs and practice for documentary credits 押汇信用证**惯例实务

uniform prices 固定价格

unilateral trade 单边贸易

unindorsed check 未经背书的支票

unit cost 单位成本

unload carge 卸货

unprecedented rise 空前涨价

unprecedented sales 空前销售

unreasonable prices 不合理价格

unskilled labor 不熟练工人

unsuccessful bidder 未得标商人

unused balance of letter of credit 信用证未用余额

upset price 开拍价格,最低价格

usual discount 普通折扣

valid period 有效期限

validity 有效期

valuable merchandise 贵重品

value of import 输入价值

variable cost 可变成本

variable expenses 可变费用

ventilated compartment 通风舱

verbal (oral) contract 口头契约

vice-general manager 副总经理

volume (space) tons 容积吨

voyage charter 论次计租轮

voyage policy 航程保单

warehouse certificate 仓库凭单

warehouse to warehouse clause 仓库到仓库


warehouse receipt 仓单,存货,仓库收据

warehouse warrant 仓单

water stain 水渍

wear and tear 日久耗损

weekly reports 周报

weight list 重量单

weight tons 重量吨

weights and measures 度量衡

well-assorted goods 各色俱全的货物

wharf(pier, quay) 码头

wholesale business 批发业

wholesale dealers 批发商

wholesale goods 批发货

wholesale merchant 批发商

wholesale price 批发价

with average 全损之外担保分损

with recourse 有追索权

with particular average 单独海损赔偿

without recourse 无追索权

without return 不可退货

wooden case 木箱

working capital 流动资本,资本周转金

working day 工作日

working expenses 工作费用,经营费用

working hours 工作时间

World Bank 世界银行

world market 世界市场

world's fair 万国博览会

wrapping paper 包装纸

written agreements(contracts) 书面契约

written contract 正式合同

written document 书面证明

written evidence 字据

written permission 书面许可证

yearly installment 按年摊付

Zone Improvenment Program (ZIP) 邮政编码


storage charges 存货费用

straight bill of lading 收货人抬头提单,不转让提单

straight credit 直接信用证

straight letter of credit 简明信用证

strong firm 有气色

strong market 市面旺盛

subsidiary company 附属公司

successful bidder 拍卖成交,得标商

sundries (all sorts of goods) 杂货

superior quality 优等品

supervision **

superfine quality 极上品

sup* and demand 供需

sup* department 供应部

supporting document 原始单据,证明文件

survey method **法

surveyor's certificate 鉴定证书

surveyor's report 验货报告书,公证人报告

suspend payment 停止支付

suspension of business 停业

suspension of publication 停刊

synthetic industry 人工合成工业

table of freight charges 运费表

table of rates 税率表

tabulated quotation 行情表

****** Sup* Bureau **物资局

****** Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau **烟酒公卖局

tale quale (tel quel) 现状条件

tally 点数,计数

tally man 点数人,卖赊人

tally sheet 计数纸

tax bearer ***

tax collection office 征税局

tax exemption 免税

tax exemption certification 免税证

tax evasion 逃税,漏税

tax free 免税的

tax free imports 免税进口货

telegraphic address 电报挂号

telegraphic transfer 电汇

telephone directory 电话号码薄

temporary employment 短工

temporary payments 暂付款项

temporary receipt 临时收据

term bill 期票

terms of credit 信用证条件

termination of contract 合约终止

termination of employment 雇佣终止,解雇

terms of sale 销售条件

textile factory 纺织厂

thanks for patronage 铭谢惠顾

this side up 此端向上

through bill of lading 联运提货单

tight money market 银根紧的金融市场

time bill 期票

time charter 定期租船契约

time deposit 定期存款

time draft 远期汇票

time letter of credit 远期信用证

time limits 期限

time of delivery 交货时日

tissue paper 薄纸,棉纸

total amount 总计,总数

total cost 总成本

total loss 全部损失

total price 总价

total value 总值

trade acceptance 商业承兑汇票

transit clause 运输条款

type of merchandize 货物种类

type of payment 付款类别

trade center 贸易中心

trade channel 贸易途径

trade discount 商业折扣

trade dis*s 商业纠纷

trade mark 商标

trade promotion division 贸易推广部

trade zone 贸易地区

trade secret 商业机密

trading corporation 贸易各公司

tranship goods 转口货

travel allowance 旅行津贴

traveller's check 旅行支票

traveller's letter of credit 旅行信用证

treasury bill *证券

treaty obligation 条约义务

trial balance 电子表格

trial order 试订单

trial sale 试销

trucking expenses 卡车运费


sell well 好卖,畅销

seller's market 卖方市场(求过于供)

selling agent 销售**商

selling cost 销售成本

selling at half price 半价出售

selling at less than cost 蚀本出售

selling expenses 销货费用

selling price 售价

selling profit 销售利润

selling rate 卖价,卖出比率

semi-finished goods 半成品

semi-manufactured goods 半成品

service business 服务业

service department 服务部

settle a claim (bill) 解决赔偿

settle account 结帐,清算,支付

settlement of exchange 结汇

share holder 股东

shares of stock 股份

ship (discharge) the cargo 装(卸)货

shipped on board B/L 装运提单

shipping advice 货运通知

shipping agent 货运**人

shipping business 航运业

shipping company 航运公司

shipping documents 装运单据

shipping expenses 装货费用

shipping note 装货通知单

shipping order 发货单

shipping receipt 装货收条

shipping sample 装船货样

shipping space 舱位

shipping ton 装载吨

shipping weight (intake weight) 装船货物重量

shipment sample 装运货物样本

shop keeper 老板,店主

shopping center 市场,购物中心

short bill 短期汇票

short contract 空头

short credit 短期信用

short form bill of lading 简式提单

short tons 短吨

shortage in weight 重量不足

shut out 退关,轧出

shut the book 停止交易

signing of contract 签约

sight bill 即期汇票

sight draft 即期汇票

sight letter of credit 即期信用证

silver coin 银币

simple contract 简约

skyrocketing price 飞涨价格

slack season (off season) 淡季

slip system 传票**

small change 零钱

small quantity 小量

smuggled goods 走私货

sole agents 包销,独家经理人

special clause 特别条款

special column 专栏

special discount 特别折扣

special expenses 特别开支

special order 特别订货

special price 特价

special tax 特种营业税

special value 特别价值

speculative business 投机事业

spot delivery 当场交付

spot goods 现货

spot sales 当场买卖

stale bill of lading 失效提单

stamp duty 印花税

stamp tax 印花税

standard 标准,准则

standard of living 生活标准

standard sample 标准样品

standardization 标准化

stand-by letter of credit 备用信用证

state enterprise *企业

state monopoly 国营专卖

statement 表,报表,报告书,清单

statement of assets and statement of loss and profit 损益表

sterling area 英镑区

sterling bloc 英镑集团

stock in hand 有现货

stock keeper 货物管理人

stock market 股票市场

stock on hand 存货,存货目录

stop payment 止付

stop work 停工

storage (godown rent) 仓租,保管费


recipient of goods 受货人

reciprocal buying 互相购买

reciprocal demand 相互需求

reciprocal purchase 相互购买

reciprocity clause 互惠条款

red bill of lading 红色提货单

reduce the price 减价

refined salt 精盐

reflation 通货再膨胀

registered 挂号的,登记过的

registered capital 注册资本

registered letters (post) 挂号信

registered mail 挂号邮件

registered trade mark 登记商标

regular members 普通会员

regular price 正常价格

regular procedure 正规手续

regular service 定期服务

regular subscriber 常年订阅者

reinsurance policy 再保险单

reminder letter 催函

remit money 划拨款项

remittance permit 汇款核准书

renminbi (RMB) ***

repeat offer 重复发价(发盘)

report form 报告格式

request notes 申请单

restraint of trade 贸易约束

restriction of import 进口限制

resume business 复业

retail business 小买卖,小生意

retail dealer 零售商

retail price 零售价

retail store 零售店

retail trader 零售商

return cargo 回头货

returned goods 退货

revision of treaty 修正条约

right of priority 优先权

risk plan basis 实际危险制

risk of breakage 破损险

risk of hook damage 钩损险

risk of leakage 漏损险

risk of non-delivery 遗失险

risk of oil damage 油污险

risk of sling damage 吊索损险

risk of sweat damage 潮腐险

risk of theft and/or pilferage 盗窃险

risk of warehouse to warehouse 仓库至仓库险

rise in price 涨价

rival commodities 竞争商品

rival firms 竞争公司

rock bottom price 最低价

rough estimate 概算

round voyage 全航程

sales allowance 销货折让

sale book 销货簿

sale by brand and/or description 凭厂牌和说明售货

sale by bulk 批发

sale by description and/or brand 货物分类出售

sale by inspection 看货买卖

sale by sample 凭样本买卖

sale by specification凭规格买卖,凭说明书买卖

sale by standard 凭标准买卖

sale by confirmation 售货确认书

sale contract 售货合同

sales invoice 销货**

sales letters 销货信件

sales manager 营业**,销售经理

sales potential 推销潜力

sale tax 销售税

sales promotion 促进销售

sales quotas 销货配额

sales system 销售**

sales tax 销售税

sales territory 销售区域

sales woman 女推销员,女店员

sample card 货样卡

sample of goods 货样

sample room 样品间

savings bank 储蓄银行

sea damage 海损

sea risk 海险

secondhand goods 旧货

secondhand wooden case 旧木箱

second party 乙方

selected quality 上选品质

selection 选择品,精选品

sell goods 销货,行销

sell on credit 赊销

sell out 卖完


performance bond 履行保证

perils of the sea 航海危险

perils of the seas 海难

petty cash 零用钱

place of delivery 交货地点

place of loading 装货处

place of payment 付款地点

plain telegram 明电

planning of products 产品设计

please turn over 请阅后页

please pay 请付

*wood and artificial board industry 夹板工业

pocket money 零用钱

poor workmanship 粗工

port 港口,港市

port duty 入港税

port of arrival 到达港

port of call (沿途)停靠港,暂停港

port of delivery 卸货港,交货港

port of embarkation 出发港

port of sailing 起航港

port of shipment 装货港

port clearance 出口货单

post card 明信片

post office box 邮政信箱

postal money order 邮政汇票

pound sterling 英镑

power of attorney 委任状,**委任状

prepaid expenses 预支费用

prevailing price 当时价格

prevailing rate 市价

previous year 上年度

price list 价格表

prime quality 上等货

prior period 上期

private company 私人公司

private enterprise 私营企业

pro forma 估计的,假定的

processed farm products 农业加工品

profit and loss statement 营业损益表

pro forma invoice 估价单,暂定的**

prohibitive price 惊人的高价

promissory note 本票,借据,期票

promotion expenses 推广费,推销费

promotion policy 推销**

promotional allowance 推销津贴

promotional literature 广告文件

prompt delivery 实时交货

prompt shipment 迅速装船

proposal form 要保书

pro rate 比例分配

protective measure 保护办法

protective system 保护贸易**

protective trade 保护贸易

publication 出版物

public agent 代办人

public auction 公开拍卖

public enterprise 公营企业

public market 公开市场

public relations 公共关系

public tender 公开投标

public weigher 公共重量检定人

publicity agent 广告**人,宣传员

published price 定价

purchase confirmation 购货确认书

purchase contract 购货合同

purchase expenses 购货费用

purchase invoice 购货**

purchase mission 驻外采购团

purchase order 购货订单

purchasing agent 代购人,购买**商

purchasing cost 进货成本

purchasing department 采购部

purchasing power 购买力

purchasing power of money 购买力

quality certificate 品质证明书

quality control 品质管制,质量**

quarantine office 检疫所

quota system 配额制

quotations 价目,估价单

railway bill of lading 铁路提单

railway freight 铁路运费

raise a price 涨价

rate cutting 降低运费(保险费)

rate of discount 贴现率

rate of exchange 汇率

rate of interest 利率

rate per annum 年率

raw materials 原料

raw sugar 粗糖

received for shipment 收货候装

recieved for shipment B/L 备运提单

英语考试作文常用词汇 第3篇

quite a little 相当多,不少

no matter 无论

the moment 一就

no more 不再

fair play 公平竞赛,公平对待

rest room 厕所,盥洗室

primary school 小学

side by side 肩并肩地,一起

heart and soul 全心全意

step by step 逐步地

ahead of time 提前

all the time 一直,始终

once upon a time 从前

once in a while 偶尔

no wonder 难怪,并不奇怪

word for word 逐字地

decline with thanks 婉言谢绝

二、 动词词组和固定搭配

1、 动词+介词/副词

account for 说明的原因,是的原因

allow for 考虑到,估计,为留出余地

appeal to 诉诸,诉请裁决

arrive at 达成

ask after 探问,问起

attach to 附属于,隶属于;使一连,使喜爱

be begin with 首先,第一

break down 损坏;垮掉,崩溃

break in 非法闯入,强行进入

break off 中断,突然停止

break out 逃脱,逃走;突然出现,爆发

英语四级作文常用的高级词汇和短语 (菁选3篇)(扩展3)