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英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第1篇

It’s reported that school students in Korea will use e-books from . What good news this is! E-books have many advantages.

Most importantly, they are good for the environment, since they can save lots of paper and trees. Besides, they are very convenient. To get a paper book, one has to spend a lot of time searching for it in a bookshop. But we can find e-books very quickly on the computer.

In short, e-books can help us enjoy our life more.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第2篇

I have a lot of friends in Simon English School. One of them is my best friend. His name is boyd.

He and I are both thirteen years old. but I am older than he, and I am fatter than he too. He is shorter than I, and he is thinner than I. He wears a pair of glasses but I don‘t.

He likes to eat pocket-food, and he is a gentleman in a sense that when he has pock-food he will share them with us.

He and I are in the same school and in the same class. So, we can help each other. We always play in the school together. he likes to do things that I like. He lives in the Ningbo Jiangdong, so he hardly came to my home in Zhenhai but I alway go to his home on weekends and he sometimes will come to my home on weekends. Sometimes we will fight but we always get along well.

His mother is a doctor in the Li-Hui-Li hospital and I know where her office is. His father is a worker in the Bei-Lun power plant. He is a head of a group. So, his father has a lot of work to do.

He and I are in the same school. We usually have a good time so he is my best friend.







英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第3篇

It is nothing new that many students go to take after-school classes now, but in my opinion, it’s just a waste of time and money. When I was in primary school, my parents sent me to different kinds of these classes, too. But later I realized I didn’t want to do that anymore. I began to spend more time on reading, doing sports and taking social activities. However, I didn’t fall behind any others in study.

If I have time, I will play basketball with my friends. It’s a wise way to stay in good health. I really enjoy it. Through playing basketball, I know how to cooperate with others, and I make a lot of friends, too.

【篇七】初二80词英语作文:How to protect/save our environment/world?

As we all know, the environment around us is getting worse and worse /more and more seriously today.

Water is polluted, we have no clean water to drink. Many trees are cutting down, some animals are getting less and less. Some factories are pouring dirty air into the sky. The population is increasing faster and faster, resources are getting less and less…etc.

Not only does it affect our lives and health, it also has a great affection in the future. People’s health has been greatly affected by air, noise and water pollution. Many people died of diseases. In order to live a better life, something must be done to stop the pollution. It’s our duty to protect our environment. We shouldn’t throw away rubbish everywhere. Trees are very helpful and important for us.

We should plant more and more trees in order to live better and more healthy in the future.

【篇八】初二80词英语作文:A Letter to My Good Friend

Dear John,

Long time no see, how is your summer vacation? I’m really sorry for writing so late. I have been too busy at this moment. I am happy to hear that you have traveled to Tibet at this summer holiday. How I wish I could go there with you!

Let me tell you something about my summer holiday. My summer holiday is rich and colorful. My parents take me to Hong Kong. That’s a beautiful place. I buy a lot of funny things at there. Such as pretty dresses, cute dolls and the snacks I never eat before. I really want to stay there and never come back! In a word, I really appreciate the life there.

I’m really looking forward to your reply!

【篇九】初二80词英语作文:Teenager’s Opinion About Moral

With the development of Internet, people can get to know the instant news and see what happens around the world. We hear about the bad news about teenager’s wrong behavior now and then, the biggest is about a teenager insulted a girl and got arrested.

The whole world is watching the case, because the teenager is born in a rich family. Teenager has been criticized for their lack of moral consciousness, before the case, not a lot of people realize teenager’s moral problem.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第4篇

This afternoon, my father took me to the ochre mountain park, amusement park to play. I first played for the car, I fasten your seat belt, and drove the car quickly rushed to the front, “ah” I shouted, I immediately left foot on the brake pedal and originally I bumped into someone else's car. And, then I played resistance training program, I bravado, climbed up the “hill”, I put down as a slide, slipped down, but in the middle, I turned over two consecutive fall, but luckily didn't hurt too much.

Finally, I had wanted, I shot hit “elephant”, the elephant straight spray. Another shot hit the “lion”, “lion” straight stamp.

Ah! This day I have not say how delighted I am >

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第5篇

I always dream about returning to the past. As many people say, childhood is the happiest and easiest time in ones life.

Children show you their true emotions. They know what is compassion and what is tolerance better than adults. In their world, all real thoughts are presented. They may easily have different opinions with others, but they never understand what is animosity. They enjoy making friends but they never think about making social communication net. Every child talks from the bottom of his heart without evil plans hidden and never intrigues against each other. Only in childrens way can adults make our life simple, more real and more enjoyable.

I wish everyones he

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第6篇

I have a good friend. She is Anna. She lives in Haining. She is very lovely. She is eleven years old and her birthday is in June. She's small, thin and active. She has short black hair. Her hobby is watching TV and sleeping! Her mom and dad are very good. We want to take a trip this Saturday. I like playing with her, we are very happy! There are five people in her family; they are her mom, dad, grandparents and her. Her father works in a factory. Her mother works in a company. They are very kind. This is my best friend.


英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第7篇

My winner vacation is coming soon .I am so happy I decide to make a winter vacation plan .First, I will do my homework carefully Second ,I am going to help my mother with housework .Then,I want to play with my best will also visit my grangparents with my parents .We will spend Spring Festival with think every day during my winter vacation will be happy.

I am sure I will have a wonderful vacation. I can not wait.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第8篇

My hobby

Badmintom is a popular hobby in China. It is also my hobby. Since I was child,I have like badmintom. At my childhood ,I watch the badmintom copetition on TV,the competition was excing.

I first try badmintom in primary school,I didn’t like it because i often missed . I did’t realise how important it was to catch badmintom and a ccurate play. I know I wasn’t playing attention while our teccher was demonstrating how to do it. That time my skill was very bad. I didn’t like it.

Now,I am in Secondary school. When I was at last year. My classmates called me with them to join the badmintom club. they play with the unusual skills,I saw so many tricks there for I like badmintom again.

I thought it was cool strick,I asked them if they knew how to play and catch the badmintom. They did.

And now ,they teach me many new tricks,their skill is very good! I usually play it twice a week.

I like badmintom very much. Playing badmintom is fun and good for our health . I hope other student to play.

There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy, such as swimming, running, and dancing. However, the sport that I like most is basketball. When I was in junior high, I started to play basketball in school. At that time, I found I had loved deeply this sport. Now, I would like to watch basketball games as much as I can. The basketball games have given me the most wonderful time in my life. So I like it a lot.

This sport can help us keep fit and energetic. Besides, it can teach us to know the importance of team-work.

So why not go to the court and play it with your friends and calssmates?

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第9篇

My name is Li BaoLing . I have a good friend . Her name is Chen ZiQing . I am 13 years old . She is as old as me. I am 155cm tall. She is 150cm tall . She is 5cm shorter than me . I am 36kg . She is 37kg . She is heavier than me .She often does homework with me .We always help each other. I am happy to have a good firend .


英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第10篇

Summer vacation is coming, I'm much more relaxed, ha ha, can play a enough time. But mom said help me quote the interest class, I immediately said that I'm not interested, but my mother wants me to go, can't, female life difficult violations.

We came to the promise of the teacher's classroom, I saw again, there's a lot of Musical Instruments: the guitar, drums, violin, the erhu, gourd flute, clarinet,... Mother asked what I want to learn, I said casually, mother said to learn drums, I also did not say what, will be the default.

Started a few days, I dare not speak, just what the teacher said, I just nodded slowly, I also got great daring, together with the teacher learning, together to tell jokes, a few days later, the two children also learn drums, the more I learn, the better, activity, also participated in the palace of drum issue of learning is over.

While my mother and teacher said can learn some other things? The teacher said to me: “you'd like to learn what ah!” I say: “guitar”. Erin: mother will help me. The first few classes I don't want to go, my mother encouraged me, said: “don't give up, efforts to go”. I have to go to class, also has a great interest to the guitar.

I summarized the drums to have passion, learning the guitar to be patient. Learn the two instruments, and I have a great interest in music, later also want to be a musician.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第11篇

It is known to everyone:Oct,1st is our National this day I went to street and saw I will tell you! At 8:00 I got up and went bus station with my mother .O my god there were so many people!With difficult we got up the bus and felt very traffic was so bad too!I cost nearly 1 hour that we arrived the center of were worse there were even more people!In my opinion it was not very interesting to come out at this day!Nest time I prefer to stay at home and study!

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第12篇

What are my hobbies? It's my little secret. You don't look at me. I like it. I have only one hobby. I'll tell you what! I like to play computer.

My dad is a tech geek with a few computers at home. I didn't play this “big TV” at first. I watched him play so well that he stole it. I did not learn to learn a week, I will a little, gradually, I became a master, and fascinated the game.

After I got hooked on the game, I started buying CARDS. I know a computer software, I play online game need to click, I take the money to buy there, I spent so much money that!

I have a game called “xianjian 3”, which is very funny. I can play on the computer as soon as I have time, but not less than dad. Dad returned the password to the computer, I watched my dad lose a few figures, I tried to open the computer, broken! My father and I are rivals to see who is good!

When I was in school, as long as it was a sub-class, I thought of the game that I played, the people in the game became the master, the teacher also did not find!

I tell you, the CD now has only 3 yuan! I'll buy it if I have money. That's it! I'm not too poor!

To keep my dad from discovering that I was playing computer, I shoveled the ice in the fridge and put it on my computer to make it cool faster. Once I forgot to take it down and was scolded by my mother.

Alas! My hobby makes my grades go down, but it doesn't matter, as long as I study hard, so I can relax and play! Play and play, to learn, I good result, my mother will let me play!

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第13篇

Have a holiday, brother and sister didn't come back to spend my summer holidays.

They play poker, and I may be because they are small, or it is not too can play, they always lose, I always think it means nothing to win, my brother and sister also want to play, there is a thought in my heart, for them, I want to say for a moment, who lose, your palms, they all agreed, as if also very happy, we play again, they still lost, ah no way, a... Two... The three... The four... Five...... They have been lost, ah, I'm calling from their palms are red, but they don't even wrinkled his brow, they in this way, I think I am very selfish, very bad, how can do this to his brother and sister at the end of other sister, your brother and sister when the little darling, hurt them, protect them, I... Ah, I really, I don't have the heart to say a word I don't play, sister said. “Elder sister, I know you are love, we afraid we hand hurts, don't play sister, we lose, just because of the person to lose to let off, to keep your words, including playing games, we promise you, to lose a hatchet man, not because of who you are, but because my sister was like this.”

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第14篇

This winter holiday I had a good time .This years winter was warmer than last year ,the weather was so good ,so I went to many places .Today is Monday ,I went go fishing with my friends ,we took many tools to go to a samll lake .At first a small fish was fished by me ,so I am very happy !After a while ,one of my friends also have a fish .We were fishing all the day .We all were very intersted in fishing ,so today we all had a good time!

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第15篇

One day during the summer vacation, my father and I agreed to playbadminton, so we went to guolin park with badminton and racket.

The scenery of the park is picturesque, there are colorful flowers, andsome flowers are fragrant and beautiful. We came to a clearing and put the bagon the lawn. Starting to play, the father said, “take the ball in your lefthand, take the beat in your right hand, and throw the ball gently at the beat ofthe ball and hit the ball towards the other.” I cant serve at the beginning,also wont catch, serve as dad said practice is much more skilled practice, butthe other ball back, I was a little bad. I was a little frustrated by this, butI thought: once you do something, you must do it well! So I trained again. I wasable to catch my dads ball very well, and my father praised me for saying thatthe more I played the better, I was so happy.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第16篇

With the development of the modern technology,private car is no longer a luxurious thing for ordinary people,more and more people drive to work instead of going by bus. The popularization of private car has many , it is very convenient and time-saving ,you can drive your own car to the workplace instead of waiting for the crowded bus and afraid of being late for ,it can also improve the traffic structure,and help to mitigate the stress of the , the popularization of private car can help to promote the car industry and any other interrelated industries. I believe that in the future the private car will become the most important vehicle and we cann't live without it.


英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第17篇

The annual National Day, the streets are hung up the brand-new red flags and beautiful lanterns, people put the intense study and work at ordinary times, dressed in casual clothes, with his family and loved ones, happy went out to play.

Sunny today, my mother and I also go out to play during the holiday, first of all, we went to grandma's home, my grandma's is also a picture of National Day, the streets clean and tidy, waving a red flag with five stars everywhere, people in addition to celebrate the National Day and a picture of a good harvest busy planting.

In this celebrate day, we appreciate the motherland, thanks to the blood of the soldiers to bring us happiness.

In this happy day, I want to be in the five-star red flag flying, study hard, repay the motherland.

In this wonderful festival at the same time, I also wish the motherland prosperous, more beautiful!

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第18篇

I have many friends, and one of them is Lily. She is one of my best friends. She lives in the same area with me. We become friends for three school day, we go to school together. We have many things in common. For example, we both like listening to the music, reading books and playing badminton. We both study hard and do well in studies. We help each in study, because we want to make progress together. I am happy to have such a good friend.


英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第19篇

There is nothing complicated about eating a proper diet. For good health, eat a variety of foods. Do not eat the same foods day after day! Foods should be selected everyday from each of 'basic four.' They are the four groups of food essential to proper nutrition: the milk group, meat group, vegetable-fruit group, and bread- cereal group, Your body will then be supplied with all the nutrients it requires; they are water, minerals, carbohydrate, fats and oils, proteins, and vitamins. A person's diet is determined by his attitudes, likes and dislikes. If you eat foods from each of the basic four groups each day, you will have a balanced diet.


英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第20篇

I have a good winner vacation!

In my winner vacation ,I often did my homework, and helped my mother clean rooms.

I sometimes went shopping with my friends . We had a good time! I also watched TV and played computer games. During Spring Festival ,I visited my grandparents.

I was very happy ,I think my winner vacation was very interesting!

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第21篇

I have a wide range of hobbies: swimming, skating, playing badminton, playing chess, and I like to play chess best.

I like to play chess is influenced by my father. He plays chess on the computer as long as he is free from work. When I was two years old, I knew every piece of chess and knew where they were, and then my dad taught me every piece of chess, and I began to be interested in chess. After I went to school, I recognized a lot of words. After my spare time, I took my father's chess book out and carefully looked at it, and asked my father what I didn't understand. When my father played chess, I also liked to look around, and I asked my father from time to time, so I could not walk, so I could not walk. I slowly gained some experience and played my mother chess when I was all right. Sometimes I see some remnants in this evening paper, I take the checkerboard, the chess pieces come out, according to the layout arranged, think carefully. I can't just take one step at a chess game, but I still have to think about what I can do next, what I can do with each other, and what I can do about it. Chess is not about eating more. Eating a son is only a means, not an end, and the purpose is to kill the other person. Playing chess can cultivate my good habit of thinking seriously. If you have difficulty in learning, you should think carefully and get the answer.

Playing chess can give me a taste of defeat, and it can also make me feel the joy of success. I can play chess carefully and take every step.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第22篇

A visit to Beijing On Oct 1st, the National Day of China t his year, dad, mom and I went to Beijin g on a package tour arranged by the tra vel agency.

I was so happy because it's the first time that I visit the Great Wall. The Great Wall, one of the greatest won ders of the world, was enlisted in the W orld Heritage in 1987.

We took the bus t o arrive at the foot of the Great Wall.

I began to climb the dreamed Great Wall . At first I did not feel tired, but after I s tepped a thousands of steps I felt tired and thirsty.

At last, we stood on the hig hest point of the Great Wall. A Chinese saying goes like that, “you are not a rea l hero until you have climbed the Great Wall”.

The landscape outside and inside the Great Wall was so beautiful in this a utumn!

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第23篇

On the holiday,I will relax myself from the heave work in i will finish my homework so that I have more time to play wihout anything to warry I plan to invite my friends to play basketball or just go to ride around the 's more,I would like to have a picnic with my family,enjoying sunshine and delicious i have more time,maybe i will have a part-time I want to practise myself and exprience not only makes me earn extre money,but also let me know how hard a life is.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第24篇

My hobby is playing chess, I often go down with my grandfather, but every time it is a failure, grandpa always said I don't grow. When it comes to chess, I know some, but compared to the grandfather who is known as the “general sheng”, just like a little bit of a little bit.

Today, I'm going to have a chess fight with my grandpa. As the saying goes, “train for a thousand days”. We set the game and killed it. I think that winning will take him by surprise. So I set up the gun, arranged the “pileup” and kept the rest of the road. Then I pulled out my car, rushed to the “enemy” camp, hit right and left, and I ate my grandpa's “horse and gun” and four “soldiers” in a row.

I was a little complacent, so modestly said to my grandpa, “I'm sorry, you can't sit still. Now you must lose this game.” I was glad that this game had won before my eyes, and I couldn't help but cocked my legs and hummed a little. I said to my grandpa, “grandpa, if I can eat you with one of my chess pieces, if I turn all the rest, you will probably let me kill you!” Well, I was camped here, waiting for reinforcements to help me, but what I didn't expect was that the enemy had an early intention of attacking the camp. The enemy took the plane to our main force, checked the soldiers of the city, and entered the main area. I see the situation is not good, busy with the “round wei rescue zhao” plan may be too late, the main will be arrested.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第25篇

Last Sunday,I went to Beijing Gaobeidian Wastewater Treatment Plant,as the biggest and most important wastewater

treatment plant in Beijing ,is a major factory which for improving the environment to benefit the society.

First of all, when I arrived the factory , I smelt the smelly I saw a film of treating with the wastewater,and I learn a lot of tings about water,including saving water and using reuse addition ,I visited the factory,and saw many workers work in the air is very dirty, they work here every day for Beijing's environment.

This experience makes me understand that the water is very important for not waste water ,for our environment

and for 20xx Olympic game.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第26篇

My favourite season is spring. Spring is a lovely season, I think.

There is a garden behind my house.

In spring, the trees become green and the flowers give off fragrance(芳香). There are many butterflies and bees over the flowers.

The butterflies are dancing and the bees are singing. Sometimes it rains.

It usually rains quietly. The rain moistens(滋润) the trees and the flowers. I think they may say, “We’re very thirsty. The rain is very good. It can help us.”

What a beautiful scene! Don’t you think so?我最喜欢的是春天。




蝴蝶在跳舞,蜜蜂在歌唱。有时候,会下雨,常常都是下得轻轻的。 雨水滋润了树木和花朵


英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第27篇

My school is at Haimen Town. It is very big and beautiful. There are forty-three classes in it. When you come to our school, you can see the modern teaching building. Our teachers work and do practice in it. Behind the building, there are two classroom buildings and a school library. In the library there are thousands and thousands of books. After class you can borrow the books you want and also you can read them in the reading room at any time. Beside our classroom, there is a big playground. At about 4:30 . every day, many students play football, basketball and some of them play tennis. All the playground is alive.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第28篇

This winter vacation I was enjoy myself very much .Although I have a lot of homework to do but I always play basketball with my friends after finished my homework .I was happy in spring festival because my mother took me to many interested places and I saw many things which I never seen before .I also visited my grandparents and went to the park to see some beautiful flowers .

This winter vacation I really happy.

英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第29篇


It was a sun day of the summer holiday. The weather was hot. My little brother and I decided to go to the resrvoir to swim by bike. It took us half an hour when we got there, many people were swimming. The we dived into the water……

About an hour later, suddenly somebody called: “help! help!” We were surprised to see a boy struggling in the deep water. As quickly as possible. We swam towards him and pulled him to the shore. He lost his consciousness. We sent him to the nearest hospital at once luckily, he was saved.

In the end, we were worn out, but felt happy. That day was meaningful. We did a good deed!




英语我的假期作文80词八年级 第30篇

As a middle school student, my priority is study, which occupies most time and energy in my life. Therefore, my life sometimes seems a little boring. However, it’s not that bad. First, study brings me knowledge that will be useful to all my life. Learning new knowledge brings me a sense of achievement. In addition, I like staying with my friends and classmates. We have much fun in daily life, which makes our life in school colorful. We play games or do exercises in spare time. We share our happiness as well as support each other when we are upset. All in all, life is beautiful, although we must spend most time in study. And we should hold a positive attitude towards life.