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我的家乡英语作文60词 第1篇


My hometown in dinghai, is an ancient city. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the matsu islands in the east, is a famous lienchiang harbour. Have “city center” of the name, and beautiful scenery. Today, let me take you to go and have a look.

Village, is the endless sea. There, also often hear the sound of the fishing boat engine. And the children's favorite is to pick sea shells on the beach, they have different color, different size, can pick up to all kinds of seashells. If you're lucky, can also pick up milky large clams, perhaps there are pearls. But to tell you, pick up shells is the best time in the afternoon, because the morning high tide, ha ha. In the evening, the sea quiet, seems like our people to sleep in peace, prepare for a new day.

Midsummer, scorching sun, the earth is “dry”. Don't have to worry about home no air conditioning. Come on, let to our dinghai docks. Just standing there, there is a cool and refreshing sea breeze blows over your cheek, make you feel cool. And it, the cool sea breeze never-ending service for you 24 hours a day.

Take a look at new village, is the village where we dinghai expansion. This much better than the old city, new buildings with hotels everywhere, all kinds of shops are everywhere, put stall in business is also dotted, is really very busy!

Walked into the wall engraved with the “city center” of the gates, we came to dinghai old city. A channel here, a corner, there is the old list of convenient. My cousin and I often inside drill to drill, hee hee, seemed very suitable for play the game of hide-and-seek. The road here and houses are made of stone, full of antique. My favorite, is the ancient city of dinghai in the early morning. Early morning, the mist rose from the valley, in the mountains of the ancient city of dinghai, vast expanse of whiteness fog put the old letters. At that moment, the sun rose, ray of golden light through the trees, like a sword stone road light in every corner. Call the cicada, birds stopped singing on the trees, quiet resurrectedold dinghai immediately.

This is my hometown, the lienchiang's famous harbour, dinghai.







我的家乡英语作文60词 第2篇

My hometown -- JianHu, here is a long history, the humanities ceremony, picturesque land of fish and rice.

I love my hometown, because here is dedicated to patriotic Liu Xiufu generation of photograph, the famous diplomat qiao guanhua, the first chinese-american Wang Ganjun in space.

I love my hometown, because there are many scenic spots, there are picturesque double lake park, the nature of the nine dragon, green xitang river sight. One of the most famous is the nine dragon, trees and flowers there are vibrant, there is a touching legend, long, long ago, there a evil python here make waves in the world, make people. Then stirred the jade emperor, the jade emperor was very worried, sent a python nine dragon and evil struggle, formed the trace of the fight, therefore, becomes a nine river.

I love my hometown, because there is a picturesque lake park, there is the bottom of the lake, the blue sky white cloud, thick reed, flocks of ducks and geese, make a picture of beauty. Sat on the boat and rowed into the lotus pond lotus, remove withered lotus out of tender and white lotus seed, let a person want to bite. Again to water, to water chestnut, the opposite of open water chestnut can see out, like a green wing water chestnut, if you are lucky enough, you can also see each round egg!

JianHu not only picturesque, we have lit up the world of energy saving lamps and lanterns, gone through the aspects of leather shoes, and glittering and translucent get rid of lotus root starch round! Visitors to our JianHu, will be a great choice!

I love my hometown!







我的家乡英语作文60词 第3篇

A new year ,a new start,when I stand on the edge of a new year,I can't help thinking about my plan of next year.

Just as the old saying:“Well began is the half of the success.”

So I decide that I should be at work while the others are still relaxing ,and then ,at the beginning ,I'm quicker than the others and of course I will get better result than the others.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第4篇

My name is Annis ,I`m 8 years old,I go to shiyan primary school.

I`m in class 6, My phone nember is xxxx , My English teacher is Ms wang.

My English class is like sing a song,piano,swim,jump ,and,run.

We have a English on monday I get up at 6: go to school at 7:30.

My favouritetoy is mini bear, Myfavourite food is meet.

I like eat cake,I lyke eat apple peach pear and orange.

I like spring! spring is can plant trees in spring.

I can fly can swim in summer. We can climb hills in fall.

I can wear my favourite put on my scarf and play.

We can make a snowman is winter.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第5篇

My friend is 我的朋友英语作文.He is years is a good has good grades .

He likes reading books and playing baskerball,so he usually plays basketball with me.

His favorite subject is likes dog,beacuse he thinks it's very lovable and beautiful.

This is my about you?

我的家乡英语作文60词 第6篇

My birthday is in November. It's on November year,my birthday is also Thanksgiving my birthday ,I usually receive a lot of birthday cards and often have a big party and most of my friends come to the the party, I and my friends have a big meal .We always have a cake-my parents thinks the most important thing in the party is a beautiful we eat cake,we sing “Happy Birthday” song. I always very happy and excited in my birthday.


我的家乡英语作文60词 第7篇

My friend is 我的朋友英语作文.He is XX years is a good has good grades .

He likes reading books and playing baskerball,so he usually plays basketball with me.

His favorite subject is likes dog,beacuse he thinks it's very lovable and beautiful.

This is my about you?

我的家乡英语作文60词 第8篇

weekend,I went to visit Old Henry.

On Saturday morning I cleaned the Saturday afternoor I went to the movie.

Old Henry and I went to had a swim played games and flew kites.

On Saturday evening I cooked a nice dinner.

We had a great time.

I hope to visit him again!

Busy Weekend

I had a busy Saturday morning,I read books and did homework.

In the afternoon,I cleaned my the evening,I watched TV and Sunday morning,I played basketball with my good friend.

We were the afternoon,I went to the the evening,I read a book about history.

This weekend,I was very tired.


Nice to meet you again by am so excited to tell you something about my vacation on May day holiday.

I went to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum with my parents.

It's so interesting here,the most attraction is the 3D cinema which can bring you to explore the vivid science world!

I sincerely to invited you to Shanghai and go there again.

I promise that it will give you a happy experience!

Best Wishes,

yours ***


我的家乡英语作文60词 第9篇

On the first day of the New Year,we visited our were so many people on the was more alive than any other time of a the second and the third days,we spent a wonderful weekend in the were much bigger trees than in the all enjoyed had an interesting Spring about you?

我的家乡英语作文60词 第10篇

There are many students do not eat breakfast, do not eat breakfast were more easily in obesity and diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk has increased significantly. There will sleep easy, difficult mental concentration and memory decline in symptoms do not eat breakfast not only can not play the role of weight loss, but also cause many side effects, is a matter not worth the candle. Therefore, “to eat a good breakfast, to eat lunch and dinner to eat less,” the health of old-fashioned way or to comply with the principle.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第11篇


Americans are the most important meal of the year, Thanksgiving dinner is. The pace of life in the United States soon, the competition is fierce, very simple daily diet. But on the night of Thanksgiving Day, every family banquet bulk sample, abundance of goods, is breathtaking. On festal table, to the President, right down to the subaltern, Turkey and pumpkin pie is essential. Therefore, Thanksgiving Day is also called ”Turkey day“.

Thanksgiving foods rich in traditional characteristics. The main course is a traditional Thanksgiving Turkey, it was a wild bird perched on North America, after a large number of breeding, people become delicious poultry, each can only forty or fifty pounds. Fortress condiments are usually put the bird and with good food, then the whole baking, goose baked brown, from the host with a knife slices to everybody. Then by yourself on every marinades, sprinkle with salt, the taste is very delicious. In addition, the tradition of Thanksgiving food and sweet potato, maize, pumpkin pie, red berry moss jam, baking bread and various vegetable and fruit, etc.



我的家乡英语作文60词 第12篇

I am a middle school student .I have many lessons ,i like English ,because it's i don't like math ,because it's very difficult ,There are many theater in my nigeborhood ,I like Green theater,it's very cheap there .About clothing store i like Bob's clothing store they have friendly service ,and i don't like Jack's clothing store .Because it's expensive.

This are what I like and don't like things.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第13篇

Peter is a middle school likes reading books very much ,but he is very forgetful and doesn't take good care of his books .

He borrowed a storybook named David Copperfield from the school library two weeks was time for him to return the book,but he could't find it had to go to the school library and tell the librarian about librarian told him that he had to pay for it if he could't find it.

As a student,we should love books and look after our books well.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第14篇

I live in yushan. it's a quite are mang old people living here .mang families with yong children live here and mang students live here , are a lot of tall buildings and small gardens in my community . my home is nan apartment building. there are mang stores close to my bank near pharmacy.

我的家乡英语作文60词二:Changes in my hometown

My hometown has changed a the past the streets were dirty but they are quite clean today's hometown is rather different from that of the past

for example,the traffic was terrible in the past,but it's safe a word,with the lead of the hometown has been becoming more and more beautiful!

我的家乡英语作文60词 第15篇


Christmas is coming, Christmas is our children's favorite holiday, because legend has Santa Claus, gifts for the children.

Do you think we each big supermarket parking lot in front of a vacancy here also have no, the supermarket is full of Christmas tree, the tree is dressed up very beautiful, hung above the shiny elegant small gifts, the waiter wearing a Christmas hat on his head. Store goods are at a discount, shopping and a lot more than usual, mother bought new shoes are very beautiful, in a mall.

Only English school held a Christmas program, the first is about money game, the teacher says 2 pieces, is two children embrace together, say 1 block 5 is an adult and two children are very interesting, exercise our reaction speed, the second is a problem, the students have a flower, one next to pass down, listen to music, as long as the music stops, flower also stop, just who fall into whose hand is to answer this question.




我的家乡英语作文60词 第16篇

Today, I go to the zoo with my friends, I never see so many animals before, I see the panda, the giraffe and the monkey.

I am so impressed by the money, they are so active and naughty.

The audience throws the food to them, the moneys fight for it, it is so funny.

I have a good time with my friends, I broaden my eyesight.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第17篇

Hello, name is 'm a middle school 'm from 'm in Class one Grade 'm very outgoing,so I like making friends with also like singing,I think it is interesting for me to do Olympic Games is coming,I'm very glad to see that so many foreigners come to China,so I want to make friends with them,so that I can improve my English at once.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第18篇

I'm sure you know the song Happy Birthday' . You must sing this song to your family and your friends many times on their birthdays every year. But do you know who wrote this song? And who was it written for?

More than one hundred years ago, two of archibald Hill's aunts, Miss Patty Hill and Miss Mildred J. Hill were both kindergarten teachers then. They loved children very much and wrote many beautiful songs for the book. One of them was the well-known song ”Good Morning to You“. This song was very popular at that time among kindergarten children, but many grown-ups didn't know it. A few year later, little Archibald was born. Miss Patty Hill sang the song ”Happy birthday“to the melody of ”Good Morning to You_ to her little nephew.

Miss Patty Hill and her sister never thought that song would become so popular, but it really did.

People all over the world like the song.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第19篇

Each of the children likes Winter Holiday.

I think everybody did a lot of things in the Winter Holiday. But I didn’t.

Let you to listen to my story of Winter Holiday.

I spend a lot of time on the homework.. Every day in my Winter Holiday, I always got up late. Then I listened to the tape, it was nine o’clock.

Then I ate breakfast and then I did my homework during the daytime! I’m not very slow but the homework was too heavy!

我的家乡英语作文60词 第20篇

My name is xxxx yangang Yang west county from guangdong. This year, 20 years old, though, read the study in college, but not both outside and indignities! This year, learn the freshman year is architecture.

Half semester, I remember seem listen carefully to several classes, everything else is playing phone! I'm kinda sick of my professional! I became more and more interested in economics, is one of the reasons it can let me soon. I have time to take the business model of study.

I now is guangzhou tianhe longdong fishing losartan guangdong engineering institute, just as its name implies, college. I don't imagine the school so beautiful, so the lifeless around! But here you also want to pack me back? Slowly accustomed to.

I this person is more like that is lively outgoing boy, but not very sunshine is eventually I not handsome. I like playing basketball, table tennis, running. In this special that basketball to say: I have one meter tall, thin eight, jumped up also can grab boards, so there are people that evening to play, but I don't technology is a problem, so I didn't win that brings pride! Each back always sweat! The sweat stream into his forehead, very afflictive. This is almost every time I play basketball.

I talk about my character. I was the stronger, can endure hardships. But my mind is that enough capacious, other mistakes. And I find myself light will say won't do, in many, but not always go out! I don't like the human who owe anybody, so I don't like others owe me one. QianZhaiHaiQian, help you help me back to you next time I won't help otherwise, I think so.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第21篇

Yesterday I came to the center of Chongqing with my mother.

We came to a place named “toward the air door”. I think many people know it.

The night view is so beautiful that we all don’t want to back to home.

I have a photo here. In the nine, we had to go back home.

I didn’t wash my face before I went to bed, I’m too tired.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第22篇

My Plans Next Holiday

Winter holiday is want to do a lot of things .First of all,I will visit my grandparents in the am going to help them with some will take part in some leisure activities like joining the English club, basket club and so would like to help some disable children, teaching them Chinese words.

This is my plans for the winter holiday.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第23篇

Nowadays,our world is in great are air pollution,water pollution and so It's important for us to protect the invironment .We shouldn't throw rubbish can go to school by bike insdead of taking a we shouldn't draw on the a word,Let's protect our invrionment together.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第24篇


My hometown is in the northeast, where there is a lake called “jingbo.

In the spring, the willows of the jingbo drew new yaren, bamboo shoots also emerge from the ground. The animals are awake: frog crawling around, waiting for the arrival of the summer; The little squirrel jump around, to look for food to the...

Summer, jingbo is full of vitality. Round the lake decorated with all kinds of small stone, stone is covered by green moss. The green of little noise in the grass, the quietly open a flower, for these made up a simple wreath. Water is so clear, can see the lake sand. There are fish in the water. May be it is because there are fish, so drew green duck. Each duck holding the bottom jump into the water, the frog also called on the lotus leaf.

Autumn has come, the maple leaves fall. Leaves fall around the perimeter of the lake, like only butterflies. The weather gradually turned cold. Frogs, turtles, green ducks are returned to the cave.

Finally look forward to in the winter! It's snowing. A gust of wind blowing, diffuse to a layer of mist on the horizon. Heavy fog, not as long as it's snowing. After a while, just like white snow began to fall. First and falls, then gradually expand, flying, the earth covered with a layer of ”silver“. A piece of white between heaven and earth.

Ah! These are beautiful! I love these!







我的家乡英语作文60词 第25篇

My Chinese teacher is Miss LI, she impresses me so much, the first day I see her, I like her, because she is so kind to us.

I am weak in Chinese, so I don’t like Chinese class, but Miss Li can make the class very active and funny, all the students focus their minds.

Now my Chinese improves, I owe it to Miss Li.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第26篇

Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. It is traditionally celebrated on December 25 by most Western Christian churches. Although dating to probably as early as . 200, the feast of Christmas did not become widespread until the Middle Ages. Aspects of celebration may include gift-giving, Christmas trees, display of Nativity sets, church attendance, the Father Christmas/Santa Claus myth, and family gatherings. The word Christmas is derived from Middle English Christemasse. It is a contraction meaning “Christ's mass”. The name of the holiday is often shortened to Xmas because Roman letter “X” resembles the Greek letter X, an abbreviation for Christ.

我的家乡英语作文60词 第27篇

Now I have come to my last year of primary school, when I look back on the passed days, I feel that I have grown up. I learn to help my mother with her housework, because I want to relieve her burden. When my fathers comes home after work, I show him all the things happen at school, I want him to know everything about me. This is the best me.