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英语共享单车作文 第1篇

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大规模开放在线课程(Massive Open Online Course)自推广以来,便在全球掀起一场教育热潮,在短短的几年内,其影响波及世界各地,众多国内外名校相继加入MOOC大军。而MOOC也以它独特的魅力,吸引着千千万万的学者。这种将全球最优秀的教师、课程和平台整合在一起并进行大规模推广的新教育形态无疑给成人教育带来了全新的变革。在这种背景下,广西开放大学的英语教学该如何借力MOOC模式,建设成为既符合学科特点,又适应本地区学习者需求的新型课程体系呢?本文将着重探索这个问题。


Massive Open Online Course(大规模开放在线教育),简称MOOC,它的核心特点是大规模、在线、开放性。










英语共享单车作文 第2篇

Now more and more bike sharing brands have emerged, such as ofo, Mobai, Wukong bicycle, Xiaoming bicycle and so on, which are convenient for our travel. As long as we download a software, we can pay some money to rent a car. However, since I saw some phenomena, I have asked myself, _is bike sharing convenient or harmful?_

Bike sharing is very popular recently. Ofo software or other sharing software can be found in almost all mobile phones of _mobile phone family_. However, once my mother came home full of anger, scared me to speak. I shuddered and asked, _Mom, what makes you so angry?_ She put the bag in her hand on the table and made a loud _pa -_. _Your sister helped me install an ofo software in my mobile phone. I wanted to make it easy to ride back with good medicine, but today I rented a_ broken car _!_ I was puzzled: _ofo still has a broken car _That is, otherwise, how could my feet be bruised?_ She moved her foot to me, and a black wheel mark was still visible. _When I was riding, the chain was loose. If it wasnt for my fast braking speed, I would have fallen off!_ Since then, Ive been less fond of bike sharing.

Once I went to a make-up class, I saw two workers sitting on a Mobi bicycle, shaking and laughing. Dad was very indignant and said: _this kind of person really does not speak of public morality! Make fun of the public car I know that they wont do this with their cars. My heart is like bleeding. Why, they want to _bully_ bike sharing.

Once I went out to play. The weather was very good and I was in a good mood. I look up to the side, really do not see do not know, a look scared. A man secretly removed the wheel of an ofo and replaced it with a bad one on his own. After that, he rode off on the ofo wheel. Only the ofo little yellow car was lying alone, and the wheels were not installed properly. It is like a injured little girl, whose legs have been taken away, like vanca, can not endure the sunshine of life. At that time, my tears began to drop. Is bike sharing _shared_ or _exclusive_?

There have been news reports that a boy under 12 years old riding a shared bicycle was run over by a car and killed. At that time, the boys mother shared the companys money to compensate for her sons death. Its clearly her sons fault. He didnt ride a bike before he was 12 years old. I didnt say he deserved it. But the fact is better than eloquence. The death of her son is not the responsibility of the sharing company, but his own fault!

I once saw a young man riding ofo without scanning the code. A middle-aged man pushed ofo into his home. Have you ever seen someone use Mobi without decoding as fitness equipment? The sound of chain jingling is like a demon with a chain in his hand crawling out of hell. Thats selfish!

Someone took an image that put the broken ofo and Moby together to fill a small parking lot. After riding shared bicycles, people park them on the side of the road at will. As long as a passer-by gently knocks down a car, it will fall down like a domino.

Have you ever thought that sharing resources is closely related to each of us, but all the harm they bring is due to selfishness. Bike sharing is just one example. Ive seen shared bookstores where people leave books on their desks after reading, so that they cant go home. _Convenience to others, convenience to oneself._ As long as we are convenient for others, we will also benefit ourselves.

英语共享单车作文 第3篇

The passage conveys to us the bike-sharing boom across the country, with more companies springing up in the market. The service not only brings great convenience to people, but causes some problems as well.

From my standpoint, bike-sharing system has become an essential part of public transportation in cities and should be actively promoted. Firstly, with an increasing number of people choosing the service to get around, the number of cars on the roads will decrease dramatically, which really helps the environment and reduces traffic jams. Furthermore, this service also benefits individuals in various ways. For example, it provides locals and tourists with a convenient, cheap and healthy means of transport. Those who would otherwise use their own bicycles don’t need to be concerned about such problems as theft, storage and maintenance.

In a word, bike sharing is an innovative service, which relieves urban traffic pressure and brings citizens enormous benefits. And more shared bikes should be launched into the market.





英语共享单车作文 第4篇













作为峰会铂金赞助商,英菲尼迪践行_提出的节能减排理念,提供七座SUV QX60 Hybrid和商务座驾Q70L Hybrid两款环保车型,共计53辆,为来自APEC 21个成员经济体的商业领袖们提供“绿色低碳”的出行体验。英菲尼迪从众多豪华品牌中脱颖而出赞助并参与峰会,不仅展现其积极进取的品牌形象和卓越不凡的产品实力,更展示出其管理团队独到的战略眼光和“敢・爱”的超强行动力。










英菲尼迪与_夫妇的结识源于一档真人秀节目―《极速前进》。作为全球最炙手可热的竞技类真人秀在中国的延续,中国版《Amazing Race》―英菲尼迪《极速前进》于今年10月正式登陆深圳卫视。“敢爱夫妻”―_、李安琪,“敢爱兄弟”―陈小春、郑伊健,“敢爱父女”―张铁林、月亮,“敢爱兄妹”―钟汉良、Jackie等8组参赛明星悉数登场,一同演绎这场“敢・爱”竞技之旅。





对特殊儿童特别是自闭症儿童的共同关注让英菲尼迪与周迅结缘。前不久,两者共同探访了北京星星雨教育研究所,如今又在“ONE NIGHT”公益晚会上再度牵手。自闭症是一种由于脑部功能受损而引起的发展障碍,在目前的医疗条件下不可治愈,且发病率正在大幅上升。通过与自闭症家庭和康复组织深入的交流,英菲尼迪发现自闭症家庭不仅存在经济上的重担,而且精神上也承担着很大压力,他们更渴望被社会公众理解与接纳。为此,英菲尼迪希望号召员工、经销商、车主以及社会公众“全员参与”,并将搭建一个长期、透明的公益平台,为自闭症群体提供真诚、平等的帮助,促进他们与社会的融合。

7月16日,英菲尼迪“敢・爱”大使周迅举办“关爱特殊儿童ONE NIGHT公益晚会”,呼吁社会关注如盲童、被拐卖儿童、留守儿童、读写障碍儿童等特殊群体。

英菲尼迪全力支持“关爱特殊儿童ONE NIGHT公益晚会”并专程组织车主接来杭州启明星儿童康复中心的自闭症儿童、家长以及老师们前来观看演出,让他们感受音乐带来的快乐以及来自社会各界的关爱。杭州启明星儿童康复中心校长张燕女士表示:“非常感谢英菲尼迪和车主给孩子们带来了一段特别的经历。我们希望可以通过更多的双向接触来增进社会对于特殊儿童群体的了解,为他们创造更加便利的生活环境,让这些孩子也能拥有一个快乐而简单的童年。”





英语共享单车作文 第5篇

The shared bikes like xx and xx bring great convenience to people。

You neednt lock them by simply using your smart phone。They can take you where the subway and bus dont go。

And they can be left anywhere in public for the next user。 However,bad things happen。

Some people damage the QR code on the bike,or use their own lock,which causes trouble to other users。 In my opinion,its difficult to turn these peoples ideas in a short time。

Therefore,bike-sharing panies like xx and xx need to do something。For example,those who damage the bike should pay for their actions。

Also,because people use their real name to register as a user,its a good way to connect to ones personal credit。 In the end,what I want to say is to take good care of public services。

英语共享单车作文 第6篇

关键字: 高职院校;公共英语;专业课服务;


一、 高职院校公共英语教学的现状







二、 对公共英语为专业课服务提出的建议






3) 掌握基本的专业英语词汇,学会用英语处理与未来职业相关的业务能力。















同时将学生的自我评价、学生互评与教师评价相结合, 将过程性评价与终结性评价相结合,从而形成科学、有效的多方位课程评价体系。




[1] 教育部高等学校高职高专英语类专业教学指导委员.新《高等职业教育英语课程教学要求》

英语共享单车作文 第7篇

Dear Jim,

I’m writing to tell you more about the new form of sharing bike--mobike mentioned in your latest letter.

It’s very convenient to use if you have a smartphone. What you do is to find a nearest mobike through the APP, scan the QR code on the bike, and enjoy your trip.

Compared to other forms of sharing bike, the greatest advantage of mobike is that you can easily find one and never worry about where to park it. It is becoming a new trend as a means of transportation, which relieves the traffic pressure and does good to the environment as well.

Hope to ride a mobike with you in China.


Li Hua

英语共享单车作文 第8篇

Beijing Mobike Technology Co Ltd on Wednesday announced it is expanding its business links(拓展业务领域) with WeChat, China's largest social networking platform, in a move that will allow the bike-sharing startup to access the latter's huge user base.


As part of efforts to outshine its rival(对抗对手) ofo Inc, Mobike said users don't have to download its app to enjoy bike-sharing services. Instead, WeChat will also give its users quick access to Mobike services in its WeChat Wallet function.


Although it is labeled an option for _limited time_, there is no indication of when it will expire(过期). Currently, WeChat has about 889 million monthly active users(月均活跃用户).


The move comes shortly after Tencent Holdings Ltd, the owner of WeChat, doubled(加倍) down its investment in Mobike.


Hu Weiwei, founder and president of Mobike, said: _Enabled by(得益于) our smart locks and intelligent positioning technology, we have built the world's largest internet of things network to connect people with bicycles._


Founded in 2014, Mobike's services are available in more than 30 cities. It has around 1 million internet-connected bikes .


Li Zhaohui, investment manager at Tencent, said it is easy to manufacture bikes and put them in cities. The real challenge lies in how to track and manage them.


_The partnership will also help WeChat connect people with more offline(线下) services,_ Li said.


Ofo, Mobike's archrival, is reportedly in discussions with its investor Didi Chuxing, China's largest ride-sharing company, to make its service available on the latter's mobile app.


Ofo did not respond to requests for comment.


Zhang Xu, an analyst at Beijing-based consultancy Analysys, said partnering with WeChat will undoubtedly attract more people to try Mobike and increase its brand value.


英语共享单车作文 第9篇

With the development of technology, bicycle sharing comes into people's lives. It becomes more and more popular and much news reported it. At the same time, we should see that there are some problems caused by bicycle sharing.

On one side, bicycle sharing makes it very convenient of people traveling. You can find a bicycle anywhere at any time when you want to go out for a cycling, and the price of one trip is very low. It cansave time for people. On the other side, its management is not perfect. Even kids can open the lock and ride the bicycle, there is no doubt that such behavior is very dangerous. What's more, many people deliberately break it, like throw it to the river or destroy the code above it.

In my opinion, we should take a developing view about bicycle sharing. It is obviously helpful to human beings as a high-tech product. The government should introduce relevant provisions toregulate this market to avoid its disadvantages.

英语共享单车作文 第10篇

关键词: 英语教学 英语学习 困境 对策






运用联想思维,即记住一个单词的词形,以及相关短语,最后再通过句子来加深记忆。如,compete,v.竞争(with,in);比赛(in)。如果只记上述内容是不够的,还应该联想一下它的相关词形,competitive(具有竞争力的),competitor(竞争者,对手),competition(竞赛,比赛),可将它们串联成句,例如:Yesterday,I competed with was a competitive competitor,and I liked the competition with her.(昨天,我与玛丽比赛了。她是一个具有竞争力的对手,我喜欢那场比赛。)


所谓情景造句就是将所学到的单词运用到自己造的句子中。这样练习的不仅是单词,还有语法、句型等方面的运用能力,是一种一举多得的学习法。如:Tom is very polite and he knows how to respect others,so he is always respectful to me.(汤姆对人彬彬有礼,他知道如何去尊重别人,所以他总是对我很尊敬。)

Professor Li enjoys a good reputation in the field of education and is a respectable teacher.(李教授在教育界享有盛名,是一位受人尊敬的教授。)

Jane comes from Beijing,and Jack comes from both come to Shanghai to attend a the meeting,they will go back to their respective home.(简来自北京,杰克来自南京,他们都到上海来开会,会后他们将回各自的家。)


如:Do not trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you.(不要去惹麻烦,除非麻烦来惹你。)在上述句子中,trouble被先后用作名词和动词。



目前,我院采用新编实用英语综合教程。它与实际紧密结合,这就需要学生将所学运用于实际,但事实并非如此。第一册第一单元题目为“Greeting And Introducing People”(问候与介绍),此时正值新生开学,此单元内容跟他们的需要相当吻合。在这一单元里有一个对话是关于在公交车站等车的,于是我告诉他们在等车时可以模仿这个对话进行交流。有部分学生却笑了:“老师,我们在那用英文交流,别人会不会以为我们神经不正常?”我愣住了:虽然日照是个沿海城市,但使用英语国家的人还是相当少的。即使大部分人会点英文,但在课堂之外的地方用英文交谈,确实会引来好奇的目光。所以练口语的人觉得很尴尬。这个问题需要全社会的努力来形成一种语言的氛围。











英语共享单车作文 第11篇

About car to Shared cycling through the net, Shared cars, as a kind of new economic forms, sharing economy is integrated into our daily life, and sharing a bike from a typical share economy gradually develop into a credit economy. For users, the value of credit and the cost of untrustworthy will be felt. For some companies, rely on financial management pattern of the deposit or have to go, in the automotive and transportation research center, an analyst at analysys international chen-xi wang's view, Shared cycling industry reshuffle is inevitable trend, there are many factors that can prompt shuffling, _no deposit_ is one of them.

This system design will share the bicycle into the real-name system management, will promote it to become a credit economy. But at present, there are many obstacles in building the system's credit and economic system.

First, there are loopholes in the real-name system. Shared bike registration is mobile Internet operation directly, in the registration process does not need to face _brush_ pictures, only need to enter the id number, this is it true that it is difficult to determine the registrant is himself.

Second, there are still barriers to data sharing. Although the _mo + worship_ open platform with WeChat, China unicom, several Banks, such as baidu map with a large data resource agencies, ofo: also with alipay, drops travel, Scott maps closely, but the current cooperation form is limited to use these basic entrance APP code cycling, each platform master user data is still fragmented, no big data sharing platform, this brought difficulty to set up the system of credit system.

Moreover, the security of user information security is also a problem. According to incomplete statistics, at present the country has more than 30 Internet rental bike operating companies, the cumulative drop more than 10 million vehicles, more than 100 million m registered users, services more than 1 billion people. Sharing the number of users' phone calls, identity information, payment accounts and other personal information, so many users' information security? Although the guidelines put forward specific measures to protect the Internet and information security, the implementation of the guidelines still tests the wisdom of supervision.

英语共享单车作文 第12篇

Everyone knows that cycling is a fun, healthy and economical means of travel around the neighborhood.

The advantages of bicycles mainly are as follows:each commuter can drive it directly where they have to go without changing stations or modes;bicycles are much more maneuverable in city mazes, and can take to the sideways to avoid grid lock, can land on any rack, railing or parking meter right outside the place of business, and can always be carried into a building for additional parking or security;Bicycling is also good for our environment,bicycles are 100% pollution free; cycling is good for our health; besides,Bicycle riding is the least expensive way of traveling apart from walking.

Although there are so many advantages,it also has its own limitations: it is unsuitable for long journey;most bikes don't have a roof in case of rain; we can't bring our family with us, unless they have bikes of their own,etc.

英语共享单车作文 第13篇

In recent months, v-mobile, ofo, blue, etc. the emergence of bike sharing Xiaoming, indeed greatly facilitate people's lives.

But ofo and other types of bicycle bike sharing is different: not the real name system can also unlock the bike! That high street and high streets and back lanes often to school time or rush hour will appear swarms of minor pupil staff ofo bicycle on the road speed is very fast on the rampage, self and others are very dangerous! (with observation of the people should be able to notice)

Just like I just went out shopping, at a junction, I saw eight to ten primary school students, riding on ofo sharing bicycles, making loud noises at the intersection, which seriously affected the traffic.

From the ofo sharing bike to today, I saw at least twenty minor students riding on the road, riding on the road!

Some people may say that their parents are using mobile phone to unlock their use! EXM, kidding! Twenty parents, each of you can unlock to his children on the road that winds, how did not see Mobell, blue, told those car.

Minors on the road so dangerous ride, for pregnant women, the elderly, as well as the implementation of the baby cart people, will have unimaginable serious consequences!!!

Sharing bicycles can facilitate people's travel life and make an indelible contribution to the city's environmental protection work, but please don't ignore the other side!!!

I hope the government and other relevant departments can control ofo shared bicycle, like Mobell, blue, Xiaoming, through the real name system to unlock the way to maintain order in the city safe!

英语共享单车作文 第14篇

Bike-sharing has been advocated by the government in recent years. It offers help to the people who is in a hurry to reach the destination soon, the more important is to let more people back to the simple traffic style and reduce private cars, so as to protect our environment. But some people make use of this policy to take advantages of others. News report that some middle age men and women force people to give charge after finishing using bike-sharing, because they look after the bikes. It is known to all that bike-sharing is free, which is the convenience government offers to the public. It is ridiculous to charge. When the news exposed, the public know the truth and the ones who take charge are criticized. Under the government’s supervision, now bike-sharing is more popular.

英语共享单车作文 第15篇

关键词:商标翻译 概念整合理论 思维机制 翻译质量

商标是企业、事业单位和个体工商业者对其生产、制造、加工、拣选或经销的商品所使用的标志,一般用文字、图形或其组合注明在商品、商品包装、招牌、广告上面。商标翻译作为经济服务的手段,直接关系到商品的推广和销售。研究商标的翻译,提高商标翻译的质量有助于帮助企业在国际市场上更有知名度,有助于中文经济文化交流的双向交流。然而,商标名的翻译不是由原语(Source language)到译语(Target language)的简单的文本转换,而是在明确原语商标符号指代关系的前提下,结合译语语言特点和语境因素进行的二度创作过程。(朱益平,王靖涵,2009:143)本文从概念整合的角度,分析了在翻译商标的再创作过程中译者作为认知主体的思维机制与模式,从而最终提高翻译质量。


译者在进行商标翻译时,根据商标语言的特征,结合英语和汉语的特点,准确地译成符合消费对象的商标名称,以达到促销产品的功效。商标翻译时比较常见的方法有:(1)音译法。在商标翻译中,音译法是较为常用的一种方法,分为直接音译法和谐音法。此外,还有一种中西合璧法,即把英语音节和汉语拼音合为一体,如金威 King way。(2)意译法。这里所说的意译法并不是翻译理论中普通的意译(Free translation),而是按照原语意义翻译,与“直译” (Literal translation)同义。陈全明把意译法分为三类:直接意译法;择意翻译法,即在“直接意译法”的基础上,在进行择意选词,构成理想的汉语商标;还原择意法,即把缩写的英语商标先还原为英语的全称,之后在“直接意译法”的基础上再加以择意。(3)音意结合法。音意结合法是以原商标的音为基础,在译语中找到发音和原文相同或相似的,同时又反映出产品一定特性的词汇,是一种比较理想的商标翻译方法。



概念整合理论(Conceptual Blending theory)是Gilles Fauconnier在心理空间理论的基础上发展的一种人类认知心理模式,为我们解释语言和意义的关系带来了崭新的、不同的视角,是近年来认知科学研究领域的重要成果之一。一般说来,概念整合至少涉及四个空间:两个输入空间(Input Space)、一个类属空间(Generic Space)和一个整合空间(Blended Space)。认知主体有选择地从两个输入空间提取部分信息进行并映射入整合空间;类属空间包括两个输入空间所共有的轮廓结构,以保证映射能正确而又顺利地进行;整合空间会利用并发展两输入空间中对应部分的连接,将相关事件整合出一个更为复杂的事件。整合空间是发展这些组织和发展这些空间的平台,其中包含一个带有新创特性、富有想象力的结构,叫新创结构(Emergent Structure),正是这个空间可能会创造出原来输入空间所没有的新信息,可产生新意义,获得新知识。(王寅,2007:215)

概念整合理论_有四种整合模式,分为体现非隐喻空间的整合的简域网(Simplex networks)和镜象网(Mirror networks),和体现隐喻空间的整合的单域网(Single scope networks)和双域网(Double scope networks)。简域网和镜象网这两个模式的共同点是,两个输入空间共享一个组织框架。在简域网中,两个输入空间内的因子通过角色―价值关系(role-value)相互连接,最后投入到整合空间;在镜象网中,两个输入空间的因子相叠加产生新的空间;单域网的运作机制与隐喻类似,但是与隐喻不同的是,隐喻通常是单向映射,用一个概念空间解释另一个概念空间, 而单域网是两个输入空间双向映射,同时投向整合空间,组合框架可以来自原域(Source domain),也可来自的域(Target domain),比隐喻更能体现类比的多样性;双域网,与单域网不同,组织框架同时来自原域和的域,通过两个概念空间的冲突形成新创结构。



(一)简域网(Simplex networks)


在翻译中,简域网可以解释两种现象:完全对等和完全植入。当原文因子激活的关系结构在原文和译文中相同时,翻译就出现了等值关系。(王斌,2011:7)在李宁品牌的标语翻译中,我们也能看见译者在整合时采用了简域网的思维模式,采用了完全对等的翻译方式。李宁的标语为“一切皆有可能”,翻译为英语后为“Anything is possible”,原文中“一切”、“有可能”激活了的关系结构在原文和译文中完全一样,即主系表结构“一切是有可能的”,所以就形成了“Anything is possible”这样完全对等的翻译结果


(二)镜象网(Mirror networks)




在白象方便面的商标名翻译中,译者采用的也是镜象网模式,但是翻译结果却并不成功。“白象”被翻译为“White elephant”,这也是对等翻译,框架结构也是偏正结构,但是译者没有考虑到“白色的大象”在中国没有特殊的含义,但是在西方世界“白色的大象”意味着大而无用的东西,所以这个翻译版本无疑是不成功的。


(三)单域网(Single scope networks)


译者把金威啤酒这一商标翻译为King way。在这一整合过程中,原域中包含金、威两个因子,金字在汉语中有尊贵的含义,是权利的标志;威字在汉语中象征着威严和威力。的域中包含了king和way两个因子,这两个空间同时投向整合空间,译者选择了用“king”来代替“golden”来翻译金字,选择了译语的交际模式,因为“golden”在英语中只有“金色的”的意义,而没有引申义,所以译者选择了“king”国王这一意象来与金字相对应,因为在西方,国王掌控着权利,是威严的体现。在中国,消费者看见金威二字就会认为喝这个品牌的啤酒是荣华富贵的象征;在西方,消费者看到“king way”就会认为喝了这个品牌的啤酒就能走上国王的道路,过上荣华富贵的生活,产生了对等的功用。






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英语共享单车作文 第16篇





1. 艺术留学的选择:


2. 雄厚的师资力量:


3. 互动式小班授课:


4. 严谨的教学监控:


5. 国外大学前预备课程直接减免:


6. 享受优先录取的特殊待遇:


7. 全程有效的系列服务:






























英语共享单车作文 第17篇

However, along with its rapid development, bicycle-sharing system also brings some problems, including random parking, vandalism and possession of shared bikes, etc.

To solve these problems, there are some measures for the authorities to take. Firstly, the government could implement more strict laws and rules to regulate the operation and management of bicycle-sharing system. Secondly, the public should raise their awareness of using shared bike reasonably. Lastly, urban transportation system should be upgraded and improved to accommodate automobiles, bikes and pedestrians.

英语共享单车作文 第18篇

Recently, a new kind of bike called the shared bike has appeared in many cities in China. Shared bikes are easy and cheap to use. First, you download the app of a shared bike onto your smart phone. Then when you want to unlock and ride a bike, you just scan the two-dimensional code(二维码) on the bike with your smart phone. The GPS-supported app helps position the bikes no matter where they are parked. And they can be left in public places for the next users. If you need a bike, you can easily find the nearest one through the app. A 30-minute ride costs only to 1 yuan.

Among different kinds of shared bikes, Ofo and Mobike are the most popular ones. It is said that in the first week of this year there were 585 million active users of Mobike and Ofo had million users. Ofo, which got its name from the look of a bicycle (ofo), was first used by students in Peking University and soon became popular out of the university.

“In places where the subway doesn’t get to, or places where it’s difficult to change from one kind of transportation to another, it’s easy to get where you want to go with a shared bike.” said Hu Hong, one of the users from Shanghai, “But following the service, rules must

come first before everyone can use it easily.”

英语共享单车作文 第19篇

A man in Jinan, East China’s Shandong Province was detained after stacking they blocked his newsstand, local police reported on their official Sina Weibo on Saturday.

In Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province, several Mobikes were thrown into a ditch by the security guards at a National 5A Scenic Area before being recovered, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday.

The East Lake scenic spot said in a statement on Friday that Mobike offers convenience for tourists, but can 'disturb the spot’ Mobike for their losses.

Mobike has said they will provide designated parking spaces and employ people to help the public learn how to park the shared bicycles.

Ofo-brand sharing bicycles in Xiamen, East China’s Fujian Province, a city popular with tourists, have been sabotaged, to unlock the bikes being defaced or locals attaching their own locks to the bikes, the local West Strait Morning Post reported on Sunday.

To better regulate the bicycle sharing market in the city, the Xiamen Municipal Gardens Bureau has published a guide on parking the bicycles, Xinhua reported on Saturday.

英语共享单车作文 第20篇

最近很多大城市都投放了共享单车(shared bikes),比如摩拜单车(Mobike)、Ofo共享单车等。由于它们方便停放,骑车也能起到锻炼身体的作用,作为代步工具很受大家欢迎。但是,各地也出现了很多毁车现象,比如刮掉车上的二维码(QR code)、上私锁等。


参考词汇:bike—sharing companies 共享单车公司,Mobike 和Ofo 是两家共享单车公司,convenience 方便,register登记

英语共享单车作文 第21篇

Recently, bike-sharing system becomes more and more popular in some big cities such as Shang还 and Guangzhou. The public can find a mass of shared bikes and hire them at a low price. What's more, you can park the bike wherever you like. Because of it, urban transportation becomes more convenient and even results in revolutionary change.

However, as the bike-sharing system develops, there are some problems coming forth including parking at random, damaging the bikes and so on. The authorities have to take measures to solve these problems. In the first place, the government can put stricter laws and regulations into effect to normalize the operation and administration of the system. Moreover, the public should strengthen the awareness of using the shared bike reasonably. Last but not least, the urban transportation system should be upgraded and improved to cater to cars, bikes and pedestrians.

In all, we should hold a rational attitude to the bike-sharing plan. It can be forecasted that the bike-sharing system will play a constructive role in the urban public transportation by taking effective measures and corporate efforts.

英语共享单车作文 第22篇

Wele to Hangzhou. I am Li Yue, president of the Student Union in my school. Id like to briefly introduce the Hangzhou Public Bicycle Service to you. Our city insists to protect the environment, so we began to use the Public Bicycle Service to reduce the traffic stress in 20xx. There were 65 thousand bicycles for people to use in daily life. In general, more than 8 million people have to use them every year.

Some people think they are very useful and believe they will make our society more beautiful. Others think they are not convenient enough. As far as I can see, reading a bicycle is so interesting. We can take exercise with it. Meanwhile, Our environment get protected.

Lets go into action!

英语共享单车作文 第23篇

With the development of technology, bicycle sharing comes into people's lives. It becomes more and more popular and much news reported it. At the same time, we should see that there are some problems caused by bicycle sharing.

On one side, bicycle sharing makes it very convenient of people traveling. You can find a bicycle anywhere at any time when you want to go out for a cycling, and the price of one trip is very low. It cansave time for people. On the other side, its management is not perfect. Even kids can open the lock and ride the bicycle, there is no doubt that such behavior is very dangerous. What's more, many people deliberately break it, like throw it to the river or destroy the code above it.