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关于友谊大学的作文 第1篇

People often say that friends are priceless, so friendship is very important. Here is my own example to explain this point. Friends share happiness, which makes us very happy.

For example, one of my best classmates, Claude, when she told me she did well in the exam, before I answered her, she said, _because you are my best friend, I want to share the good news with you in the first place._ hearing this, I know she was telling mett that we were two A happy bird is flying in the air. My friends play with me in my spare time, which makes me feel necessary. When I'm depressed, they always accompany me, but they don't do anything I want to do, and sometimes they object to me when they think I'm wrong.

I still remember once I had a quarrel with my math teacher. It was my friend who made me realize my mistake and solved the whole problem smoothly. In my opinion, friend is one of the most important people in our life.

We can't live without friends. Life is valuable for everyone.




关于友谊大学的作文 第2篇

A life without friends is a life without sunshine. Friendship is one of the most important things in everyone's life. Therefore, I think that each of us, rich or poor, should have at least one or two good friends.

As students, we can share more time with our friends. Our friendship when we were young was pure, fresh and simple. I often feel very lucky to have many good friends with me The best friend is XX.

When we grow up together, she will listen to me and wipe my eyes when I cry. She will sing birthday songs for me on my birthday. She will encourage me.

When I lose confidence, I think friendship is a kind of wealth in our life. It is just like a bottle of wine. The longer it is kept, the sweeter it will be.

When we are thirsty, it is like a cup of tea. It will be our best choice. Therefore, I will cherish my friends.

I will work with my friends to encourage and help each other.



关于友谊大学的作文 第3篇

Friendship is a kind of interpersonal relationship, it is the instinct of human beings. When we encounter difficulties, we need friends to help, support and encourage us to achieve success. We also need friends to share our happiness.

Friendship is one of the greatest fun we can enjoy. It means loyalty, sincerity, sympathy, emotion and preparation. It means loyalty, sincerity, sympathy, emotion and preparation in order to help anyone in the road of life If you don't get the right friends seriously, you can't make full use of your life.

Knowing how valuable friendship is, we should make friends very carefully. True friends are those with good character, excellent ability and kind heart. Real friends can share all our sadness and double happiness.

When friends, we should pay attention to select those who have such excellent qualities. Then we should treat our friends politely, be careful not to interfere with them or laugh at their behavior We should forgive them. In a word, when we establish a friendship, we should cherish and cherish it by words and deeds.

Only in this way can we develop true friendship and make the sacred lamp of friendship burn for a lifetime.