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英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第1篇

Hello, everyone, my name is the first time, I think you are not very familiar with , I'll give you a brief am x x years old and live in a happy family of four, my mother and father are same teacher, my sister is an excellent student in high school this year high school in grade am very fond of laughing and active, a cheerful and lively love sports, especially the example: football, basketball, badminton, table clamate of everyone, since we are in a cla, you should communicate with each other in the study, in the life support and help each other, and my goal is in a few years, the college entrance examination examination in the excellent grades, win honor for our , to achieve excellent results, we have to work hard, for this, I will us work together, my friend!

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第2篇

My name is . There are 4 people in my family. My father is a Chemistry teacher. He teaches chemistry in senior high school. My mother is an English teacher. She teaches English in the university. I have a younger brother, he is a junior high school student and is preparing for the entrance e_am.

I like to read English story books in my free time. Sometimes I surf the Internet and download the E- books to read. Reading E- books is fun. In addition, it also enlarges my vocabulary words because of the advanced technology and the vivid animations.

I hope to study both English and computer technology because I am interested in both of the subjects. Maybe one day I could combine both of them and apply to my research in the future.

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第3篇

My name is Wang birthday is June 5th. I am Chinese. I am a study very favorite subject is English. I like it because it is interesting. I can play the piano and the trumpet, but not very well. I love swimming and I am good at all kinds of movies, I like comedies best. I think they're interesting. I’m one of the best students in my class. My teachers all say I am a good all like me and I like them, too.

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第4篇

Hello everyone, I am Xiao Wei, I am 11 years old, graduated from Shenzhen Chunlei Primary School, studying in Shenzhen Senior High School, I am a lively and lovely boy.

I am about to step into the gate of junior high school, my heart is very yearning, before I have not graduated, I am very yearning for junior high school life, I often think, junior high school is what it is like, maybe this problem can only be solved after the beginning of school!

I also have many interests. I like to play the guitar and often play some music. I also like to play basketball and table tennis. In primary school, I once participated in the basketball competition organized by the school and got the first grade result for my class. In our community, I often go to the community table tennis table tennis, in our community, I play table tennis very well. Every time I go to the Olympic Games, I must watch these two sports.

My personality is very gentle, in primary school I get along well with my classmates and teachers. At school, whenever a classmate is in trouble, I always go to help. At school, my classmates and teachers also like me very much.

In the coming junior high school life, I hope to live together with you, grow together!






英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第5篇

Im from class 1. I am a girl/boy of 13. My family including my father, mother and me. I like basketball best. In addition, I also like table tennis. My favorite food is carrots. Im also very interested in snacks. What, Im good at computer. Using the computer E-mail, shopping and even solve my problems in the study and the life is so convenient. So I put my computer as my good helper. As for reading, Ive read about magic novel.

Nice to meet you! I sincerely hope to make friends with you.



英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第6篇

Hello everyone. My name is xxx. I am a student of Grade seven. I am an outgoing, lovely girl and I am so welcomed by my friends and my classmates.

I have a best friend, xxiao hai. She is very interesting and lovely too. She often tells funny stories and always make me laugh. We often play together. I like action movies. I think they are exxciting and interesting. I often go to the movies with my friends on weekends. I can aslo play the violin and have won many prizes in the competitions. I take violin lessons twice a week. It is a little hard for me but I am very happy, because I have a dream. I want to be a great violinist one day.

Thank you.




英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第7篇



我要作我自己。齐白石老先生说过:_学我者,似我者死。_走不出前人的框架,自然也没有自己的天地。当流行《flash fiction》时,我觉得那是浪费时间:当流行网络游戏时,我感觉那是虚度时光。我要做自己,要看清自己,要拿出十二分的信心向他人证明——我就是我,凭什么和他一样!抛开浮华雕饰,亮出自己的王牌,追求自己的个性:做最好的我。


I am a junior high school freshman named xxx. I am ordinary and confident. I am a young man full of passion and blood. In the vast sea of people, I am a drop of water, without a strong body or beautiful appearance, in the endless Gobi. I am a grain of sand, not filled with knowledge or a pleasant voice. I am just hidden in the midst of a thousand armies and horses, a small pawn with aspirations, just a confident mule.

Although I am ordinary, I do not want to be a person who goes with the flow. Frost once said, _The yellow forest divides into two paths, but unfortunately I cannot set foot in them at the same time._ So, like him, I chose the narrow and sparsely populated one. I didnt want to follow the vulgar old path of others, go to the same vulgar life as others, and even more, I didnt want to deny myself while peeping at others with everyone. On the contrary, I prefer to take the narrow and unique path to fame.

I want to be myself. Mr. Qi Baishi once said, _Those who learn from me, like me, die._ If they cannot walk out of the framework of their predecessors, they naturally do not have their own heaven and earth. When Flash Fiction was popular, I felt like it was a waste of time: when online games were popular, I felt like it was a waste of time. I want to be myself, see myself clearly, and demonstrate with twelve percent confidence to others - I am who I am, why should I be like him! Set aside flashy decorations, showcase your ace, and pursue your personality: be the best of me.

I am a small grain of sand, but I am not willing to fall behind. With a sound of mediocrity and inaction, I am willing to be the master of life and an immortal pearl tear. I aspire to move towards the tower of art, the pinnacle of culture, and the building of my career, to live up to this colorful era and sprinkle harmony and beauty onto the world.

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第8篇





My name is xx, and I am a lively and cheerful sunny girl. I am studying in Class 2, Grade 7, Ankang Middle School. I am the English leader of the class, with a height of meters. Under my thick eyebrows, there are a pair of watery big eyes. The only drawback is the row of small sentries in my mouth, with one or two of them being mischievous and always not in line with other teeth. My personality is outgoing, so I have many good friends, but sometimes I am a bit irritable, and sometimes I always get angry with my friends.

I am good at all my subjects, especially Chinese. And my brain is spinning so fast that I can answer all the questions the teacher asks. So I have always been the class monitor. My biggest weakness is carelessness, which often causes me to lose points that I shouldnt have lost in exams. I also love reading books, such as comic books, fairy tales, and essay books

My hobbies are playing the accordion, roller skating, reading... Among them, I love reading the most. Every day after taking a shower, I have to read for 30 to 40 minutes. Every time my mother calls me to sleep, I cant hear because Im so lost in reading. I have many advantages. Once, when my mother was not at home, I cooked a bag of instant noodles myself. After finishing, I did my own homework. My parents came back and were very happy to see all of this, saying that I had grown up. Another time, I took a bus home one night and my parents insisted on picking me up because my home is in a power plant, far away from there, but I still insisted on going home on my own.

This is me, a Sunshine Girl who does her own thing.

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第9篇

My Chinese name is Huang zhuoqun. My English name is Rose. I’m a girl .I’m twelve years old. I’m from Ruian Xincheng Experimentation primary school.

I’m in Class two Grade six. I’m clever. I’m a good girl. I’m helpful. I often help classmates. My best friend is Caichenglai. He’s nine years old too. We eat play and read together. We learn each other.

I like swimming, roller-skating and computer games.

I swim everyday in the summer holiday. I often roller-skate on the weekend.

I like blue and red.

I like the blue sky. I like the red autumn.

There are three people in my family. They are my mother my father and I. My mother is thirty-seven years old. She’s an accountant. She likes to go travelling. My father is thirty-seven years old too. He is a teacher. He likes to reed books.

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第10篇

I am xxx and I am 13 years old. My favorite sports include basketball, swim and football. One of my favorite stars is Liu xiang because he is the fastest runner in the world and a pride of our country.

I have love fruits like watermelon, grapes, banana, and so forth. When I have time, I like watching TV, playing games on my computer, surfing the web, and reading. I have a lot of friends and we often play football together.



英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第11篇

Hello, everyone My name is xxx, I come from xxx. Im glad to be here to study with you.

When I came to this school three days ago, I loved it. Here is so beautiful, so exciting, everyone here is very kind to me, and the class is like a big family to me.

I am interested in music and reading. I also like to write and compose my own music. I really want to spend a happy and fulfilling junior high school life with you.

Finally, I hope we can become friends soon, learn together and make progress together. Thank you.





英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第12篇

Hello, everyone. I’m very happy to stand here to introduce myself.

My name is Wang Xiaoming. I’m 4 years old, from Zhen Jiang Zhong Shan Road Primary School. It’s a beautiful school, and I love it very much.

I’m a happy and talented boy. I like to make friends with others, and I get on well with my classmates. Basketball is my favorite ort. I always play basketball in my are time. Through this game, I get many benefits.

At school, I study Chinese, Math, English, History, and so on. I like all of them. And I’m doing well in my study. I’m interested in learning English very much. I believe that I will do well in future. I won’t let you down.

Thank you for your listening.






英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第13篇

Dear students, hello, everyone, my name is FanZhenYu. In school, this is my 4 times to meet with you, we also is not very familiar with to me. So, let me do a simple introduction for you.

I am 13 years old, round face, intense with a pair of small eyes. My dark and thick eyebrows, like the two big broom, below the round nose, with a glib mouth.

I live in a happy family of four, my mother is a teacher, working in 3, that is I now of the school. My father is also a teacher, working in haidai yue township central school, my sister, is an excellent student in high school this year high school in grade one.

I go, is a cheerful child. I love sports, especially ball games of this aspect. Such as: football, basketball, badminton, table tennis... Also because of the cheerful and lively, I love to laugh, a smile, his small eyes mi became a crack.

The classmate of everyone, since we are in a class, you should communicate with each other in the study, in the life support and help each other, and my goal is in a few years, the college entrance examination examination in the excellent grades, win honor for our family. But, if you want to get good grades, he must pay hard work, to do this, I will keep at it. Friend, that what your goal is, are you willing to pay the effort? Let's work together!

This is me, a cheerful and lively boy, willing to goals and the effort.

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第14篇

Hello,Im. Im a 13 years old.

I live in can speak Chinese and a little like singing and dance.

I can play ping like I think I can learn lots of from favourite color is like to eat noodles email is telephone number is can be good friends.




英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第15篇

Hi, everybody, My name is Li Qing, 12 years old. I come from Dongfeng Dong Road Primary School, Yuexiu District. I was the only child, but I am a happy gir. I like sports, especially like playing badminton. And I studied very hard. I often have to A.

This is me. I hope we can become friends.



英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第16篇

My Name is Lu Xin. I am so happy to stand in front of you to introduce myself. I am thirteen years old. I graduated from the Primary School of our city. I like reading books and playing badminton. I hope we can take exercises after class. Besides, I like watching movies and listening to pop music. I am sure there are some classmates who have the common interests with me.

Therefore, we can communicate with each other. In primary school, I did well in Chinese but math is not so good. I hope I can make progress in middle school. I am very excited to be a classmate of you and I hope we can make progress and have good days together.



英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第17篇

Hello, junior high school will study with everyone. Im so excited.

My name is xxx, I am a xx years old boy. Why is it called a boy? Because my heart is still very weak and has not been tempered by years.

In others serious I may always be happy, optimistic. But my heart is often sad for some things, anxiety, trouble, and even give up! I think there will be happiness because there is pain, life is like two glasses of wine, one cup of bitter wine, one cup of sweet wine. It just depends on which one you have first.

Life can be divided into seven stages: childhood, childhood, youth, adulthood, middle age, and old age. We are in the youth, which is the time to shape our life values and goals. What kind of person we will become in the future, the main determining factors will happen in the next three years, so I am looking forward to the future junior high school life.

I like to recall my childhood, recall my childhood brought me countless happiness; And I am more eager to become an adult as soon as possible, because when you are an adult, you can do what you like and no longer be constrained by others.

My self-introduction is relatively brief, do you want to call me friends? Thank you all!







英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第18篇

Hello everyone, my name is Wang xx, very happy to know you, I, more stubborn, I believe that things will never change, unless you are right I am wrong.

In the morning, standing in front of the mirror, looking at the familiar face in the mirror, I feel that I am still a child, but I have entered junior high school, no longer a child.

Think of a good friend bit by bit, unconsciously tears climbed on the face, yes! I have been friends with myself for six years, to this point, I said that I separated, and there must be many unwilling to give up. But whats the use. Time doesnt just stop. Let me face it!

I am also very forgetful, once, I can not find my shoes, and later after my mother reminded me that I washed my shoes and put them outside. People say Im not forgetful.

I like to help teachers, but I am very sloppy, often help. Once the teacher asked me to help him finish his board writing, as a result, I listened to the board all erased, without saying anything to the teachers hard to write the board wiped clean. Made the teachers face red with anger. You say funny is not funny.

I am such a person, welcome to find me as a friend! Im good to my friends!







英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第19篇

Hello,I'm .I'm a 'm 13 years live in can speak Chinese and a little like singing and can play ping like I think I can learn lots of from favourite color is like to eat noodles email is telephone number is can be good friends.

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第20篇

I am a very cheerful and lively girl, it can be said that I have never been unhappy or unhappy, even if there is only a short time. I am eager to learn everything, dance, singing, playing guzheng everything, but not good at math, English these two subjects. After junior high school, I no longer want to take these two courses, I think junior high school math and English are relatively simple, I began to try my best to make myself like these two subjects, so that my performance can keep up with the classmates.

I am best at playing the guzheng, I am very glad that I have the perseverance to learn the guzheng for about five years, and have a pair of guzheng players. I like guzheng, from time to time play a piece of music, pluck the strings, beautiful music will wander in my room.

I am now a junior high school student, so I want to focus on learning, only Sunday when finishing homework will play the guzheng, neither behind the study, and will not let their skills rusty. I hope that I can improve my playing level at the same time, my learning can also progress.

This is me, a very enthusiastic girl.





英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第21篇

My name is Li Haiqing. I am a local person who is 13years old. I am fromchongqing and I am of the opinion that my hometown is a beautiful city.

Moreover, I would like to say something about my family. I have my mother, myfather,and my elder sisther,they love me very much,I know my parents have somuch hops and dreams for me。So I must study well.

I have the confidence because I have such ability! I am kind-hearted,patient, outgoing and creative. I am a hard working student especially do thething I am interested in. I will try my best to resolve any problem no matterhow difficult it is. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless hekeeps on learning.

In spare time, I like reading books, surfing on the Internet, listening tomusic like, classic, or light music, because they can make me feel could keep on working efficiently, therefore proper amusement is a addition, I insist on do some physical training such as running, andhorizontal bar as well. By doing this, I can always stay healthy.

That’s all. Thank you for giving me such a valuable opportunity!






英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第22篇

Hello, everyone. I’m very happy to stand here to introduce myself.


My name is Wang _iaoming. I’m 14 years old, from Zhen Jiang Zhong Shan Road Primary School. It’s a beautiful school, and I love it very much.


I’m a happy and talented boy. I like to make friends with others, and I get on well with my classmates. Basketball is my favorite sport. I always play basketball in my spare time. Through this game, I get many benefits.


At school, I study Chinese, Math, English, History, and so on. I like all of them. And I’m doing well in my study. I’m interested in learning English very much. I believe that I will do well in future. I won’t let you down.


Thank you for your listening.


英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第23篇

hello everyone! My name is ___, Zheng Chengcheng, doctor's Bo, ocean ocean, Manchu. I'm not short, but I'm much inferior to the tall people in my class. Like most of my classmates, I am 13 years old this year. My main shortcomings are that I don't work quickly, my consciousness is not high, and I don't pay attention to my own affairs.

My strengths: like many students, I can't find my strengths. After discussing with my parents, I came to the conclusion that I am more motivated and optimistic. In the fifth grade, my grades were not good. In the si_th grade, I knew the importance of studying hard. After hard work, my grades in the class were better. When you encounter a problem, you don't do it and think, _it's okay. Maybe you suddenly remember it? It doesn't matter if you're wrong. Learn from e_perience._ as for my more advantages, it depends on everyone's e_ploration!

My hobbies. I prefer swimming and playing football. I'm also interested in military affairs. If anyone and I _like-minded_, you can find me to make a friend.

E_pectations for future junior high school life. I hope I can spend these three years happily, form a deep friendship with my classmates, and learn more knowledge and truth from my teachers.

Learning objectives: to be admitted to key high schools; The results in the class should be ideal; Can surpass the students in primary school.

I hope you can understand me and like me. I also hope students can spend these three years in unity and friendship.

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第24篇

Dear teachers, dear students! I am ___. I am __ years old and live in ___

The junior high school life I have been looking forward to will begin today. I really hope to get along well with your classmates and teachers and have a good study in the new age and new school. Spend a happy __ years of junior high school life together.

Before I came here, my primary school life was rich and colorful. In the si_ years of primary school life, I got double percent in three semesters, and I can get along well with all my classmates in school. However, there are some small shortcomings, that is, I have too many small actions, which sometimes affect other students. In the future, I will try my best to correct them in the days when I get along with you.

I prefer literature and music. There have been articles published in the school journal. I like to listen to leisurely music in my spare time. In the new semester, I am willing to make common progress with the University and use our most valuable years to complete our studies. If we have difficulties and help each other, I will be the first to come forward. Please supervise me.

That's all for my personal introduction. Thank you!

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第25篇

Hi, my name is xxx. Im xx years old, a middle school student apparently. I love music very much although Im not very good at singing. Ive been playing guzheng, an ancient traditional instrument for a long time and now Im in level 10, which means a really high level among the amateurs. Apart from that, I also like to reading and writing. They both give me a lot of fun and build my unique personality as well as my goal and dream. I like Wangfei very much. She could be my favorite singer…

Personally, Ive been considering I have a really complicated personality Because sometimes dont really like to study, sometimes… However, Im very positive and look forwards to my future BECause Im the one who will realize my goal.



英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第26篇

My name is am twelve years was born in Suzhao,a very beautiful I am still living am a student of Pramary am a little thin with short hair and a pair of like singing and am good at singing, I am weak in my math.

I am interested in doing all kinds of weekends I often play basketball and table tennis with my prefer skating to favorite sports star is Yao Ming.



英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第27篇

My name is I'm 13 years hobbies are singing,dancing and

drawing I'm a sanguine favourite stars are Shu Chang and JJ like playing computer game and reading classic

in the 'm studying at _iao Shi Zhong _in school.

My name is Liu yang. I`m a thirteen-year-old boy. I`m a student of Class Four, Grade Seven in the middle school from Luo yang . My study is well. I`m tall and strong.

I`m a diligent boy. I study hard at all my lessons. My dream is to be a knowledgeable man. I know it`s very hard. The way is very long. But I will try my best to do it well. And I belive myself. I have many hobies. They are reading, running, swimming, playing, basketball, climbing and playing table tennis. Everyday I all need some time to reading. On Saturdays I play basketball or play table tennis with my friends.

In my free time, sometimes I help my mother with housework or do what I want to do. I have a colorful life!

英语作文自我介绍结尾初一 第28篇

Dear teachers, dear students! I am XXX, XX years old, and I live in always hope that the junior middle school life will begin really hope that I will get along well with my clamates and teachers in my new age and new the happy 3 years I came here, my primary school life was years of primary school life, I had double hundred points have three semesters, and the school can be in peace and harmony with the clamate of everyone, but also a little faults, is that I am a little affectations too much, sometimes will affect other students, at the university and get along with later days I will try to like literature and once published articles in the school like to listen to music in my spare the new semester, I would like to make progre with the university, and with our most precious years to complete the study, with difficulties and mutual help, I will be the first one to come supervise personal introduction is here, thank you!!