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春节作文英语60词 第1篇

Home this Spring Festival I went back to my father and mother and grandma together, just to my grandma's only listen to the sound of _pa, pa, pa_ the sound of firecrackers, entered the house after I said to my grandmother 'grandma, why should put much more noisy firecrackers? _then my grandmother told me that setting off firecrackers is a custom, said master for visitors,' oh, originally the small set off firecrackers also has knowledge greatly, 'I don't the sighs. Then, and I know a lot from my grandmother mouth, such as; One or month, every family to kill pig, zi ba, bean curd, rice cakes, catch production... special purchases

You know, every New Year's day a few days ago, families are in cleaning, affix Spring Festival couplets, until, on the morning of the lunar New Year, must be up early to make dumplings, dumplings will to put as COINS into the dumplings, said in the New Year prosperous, making a fortune.

Over the years, the second day, people with zi ba, pig, etc to happy New Year. Happy New Year to be back in 15 commonly, because is the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival every family point candles, sometimes the lion dance and so on.

春节作文英语60词 第2篇

Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. The Spring Festival is very exciting, especially on the eve of the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival lasts for 15 days, there would be starting on the first day, to the end of the January 15 Lantern is the busiest time of the year for Chinese people. The arrangements they have to make for family reunions,buying necessities and preparing food keeps them busy throughout the holiday. Many of them travel back home and meet friends over dinner and drinks. The celebrations include decorating the house and setting off we are talking about a tradition that seems to be fading.

Spring Festival,as it is celebrated today,has undergone many changes,thanks to the country‘s economic development and globalization.

Yet no Spring Festival is plete without food. People could not get good food whenever they desired in earlier times,something that does not apply to society today. More often than not,people faced the risk of famine. The best time for people to celebrate was when food was available in plenty,and that was possible in spring,or the beginning of the lunar new year. That was the main reason why Spring Festival acquired such great importance among Chinese people.

But three decades of economic growth has ensured that people in China,except for those who are still poor,can enjoy a good meal whenever they want. Such has been the change in people‘s fortune that some have to be treated for obesity and other health problems associated with excessive eating.

In the past,celebrations were limited to events like song-and-dance duets in North China,dragon/lion dances in South China and fireworks,which required the joint efforts of the entire munity. But economic development and urbanization seems to have weakened the social links among people. Many,especially those living in cities,are not interested in celebrating the festival with people they hardly know.

Many customs associated with Spring Festival have changed,too. In the past,people used to visit relatives and friends with gifts and lots of good wishes. Today,many people,especially the youth,use their cell phones or the Internet to send their good wishes and even _gifts_ to their relatives and friends. Some may say this a sign that people have bee less caring about their near and dear ones,but we should see this development as a time- and energy-saving exercise granted by the information age.

In recent times,many people have started praying for a career promotion or more money instead of invoking God or the Buddha for a healthy and long life and the welfare of their family. But the number of such people is decreasing now,which shows that people are being more reasonable.

春节作文英语60词 第3篇

The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in china.

Every year the spring and units will leave to let people go home for the spring the eve of the Spring Festival we will clean the house,do special purchases for the Spring Festival,buy new Spring Festival,we would also like to set off firecrackers,wearing new clothes,pay New Year's call to relatives,eat many delicious candy and like the spring festival.

春节作文英语60词 第4篇

Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar.

In China,it is also known as the Spring Festival,the literal translation of the modern Chinese name.

Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally run from Chinese New Year's Eve,the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar,to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month,making the festival the longest in the Chinese the Chinese calendar is lunisolar,the Chinese New Year is often referred to as the “Lunar New Year”.

春节作文英语60词 第5篇


The long-awaited Spring Festival has arrived.


Do you want to know how the Spring Festival is celebrated? Let me introduce you! The 24th day of the 12th lunar month is the year of the year. The year of the year will sweep the dust that night. Why sweep the dust? Because we need to get rid of the old and welcome the new.


The most lively one is the evening of the new year's Eve. We have a reunion dinner on the new year's Eve. To eat rice cakes in the south is called annual rise; to eat dumplings in the north. Dumplings are shaped like Yuanbao.


There must be two special dishes on our table. They are fish and ball. Why eat these two kinds of vegetables? It's because there's more than one year, and it's round.


After the Spring Festival, Spring Festival couplets, firecrackers and red lanterns should be pasted. The next day we are going to go out to celebrate the new year.


The happy Spring Festival has passed. How I wish the Spring Festival could stay!

春节作文英语60词 第6篇

Today, I go to the zoo with my friends, I never see so many animals before, I see the panda, the giraffe and the monkey.

I am so impressed by the money, they are so active and naughty.

The audience throws the food to them, the moneys fight for it, it is so funny.

I have a good time with my friends, I broaden my eyesight.

春节作文英语60词 第7篇

Spring Festival is one of the most important festival in China.

I spend the time with my family and relatives in Beijing, in which we do many activities. At the important time, we group together watching TV shows and enjoy every single second we are together. Normally, we play cards, cook food, hangout with friends, play with firework, and develop good relationship with relatives.

Without a doubt, Chinese spring festival is one of the most important festivals in China, which allow us to get our mind off the busy work and study.

春节作文英语60词 第8篇

Today is New Year's eve, the long-awaited spring is finally here. After bathing, I put on new clothes, put on the new shoes and feel refreshed. Dinner, the family sitting by the fire, eating a big family reunion dinner, have a dry mushrooms braised duck, sprinkle with cabbage, since the salt? H chicken, dumplings, etc... A table delicacies population water dc three thousand feet. We eat while watching CCTV Spring Festival gala, some crosstalk jokes made us laugh and havoc, in imperceptible in 2014, the ringing of the scratching firecrackers echoed throughout, gorgeous and colorful fireworks in the sky like a flower blooming, adorn the boundless night like day.

On the first day in the morning, I get up early, get dressed and tidy. After breakfast, I'll give grandpa grandma happy New Year, my grandparents gave me early prepared a red envelope, I hope my body health. I take a red envelope so happy, I want to save money, wait for grandma and grandpa birthday to buy gifts for your grandparents.

Then I went to the New Year's greetings to my grandma's, I saw the six newborn puppy, they have a black hair grown up, have long a brown hair, very lovely! I also use the eve of the remaining bone to eat them. When I leave my grandma's, they watched we get in the car, I'm a bit reluctant to leave them.

I had a very happy Spring Festival!





春节作文英语60词 第9篇

The happy spring festival spring festival is on the first day of the first lunar people most like the spring spring festival,Chinese people like having meals with their families,playing fireworks in the open sisters and iplayed fireworks on that day。We had many fireworks.

they were very were running into the sky and breaking into pieces.

春节作文英语60词 第10篇

I had a good time during Spring Festival.

This morning,I got up at six o' I brushed my teeth and washed my that,I had breakfast with my noon,I went to my grandparents' house and visited my aunts,uncles and the afternoon,we made dumplings the evening,we had dumplings,sweet and sour pork,and lots of nice dishes for dinner,my parents and I went set off fireworks and went to bed then.

We were all very was a nice Spring Festival.

春节作文英语60词 第11篇

I like The Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together,just like Christmas in the West. All people living awayfromhome go back,being the busiest time for transportation systems of about half a monthfromthe Spring Festival. Airports,railway stations and long-distance bus stations are crowded with home returnees.

During Spring Festival,the most improtant days are Spring Festival Eve and the first three customs acpany the Spring Festival.

During Spring Festival time,you can see kinds of can go to temple fairs and enjoy superb performances of the dances,stilt-walking and amazing acrobatic shows.

so i like it .

春节作文英语60词 第12篇

My New Year's resolution is to fly with my parents.

I went to school one day with my mother, and suddenly the car ran away, sowe walked to school. We walked along, suddenly wings came out of our shoulders,and then we flew to school.

My second wish for the New Year is to get the magic wand of a pinkstar.

One day I saw a magic wand, but there was only one pink left. Mother boughtme one. I think the magic wand should have magic, I want to turn my mother intoa queen, I change, ah, become! I wanted to turn myself into a princess again. Weflew home. When I got home, I turned my father into king again. We opened thewindow and flew out one by one. I want to go to hainan, we fly to hainan.

This is my New Year's resolution. Do you think my wish will come true?






春节作文英语60词 第13篇

Before the Spring Festival, people made haste. In cleaning cleaning, to buy new clothes and new shoes to buy new clothes and new shoes, buy necessities to buy necessities. In cleaning some sweep away some of the spider web on the ceiling, some in the window, some not commonly used before the things clean; Buy some sugar in to buy necessities, melon seeds and buy chocolate, and so on.

New Year's eve is more busy. Adults get up early in the morning, go to busy supermarket to buy all kinds of food to prepare dinner.

On the first day is the happiest day of our children. Our best wishes to the adults, the elders will give us New Year's money, and bless our learning progress, happy every day. We can wear beautiful clothes to play and play outside.

I like the Spring Festival, happy and happy Spring Festival!

春节作文英语60词 第14篇

Our family is no exception. I picked up a pair of Spring Festival couplets, sticky glue neatly affixed to the door. Dad and will _fu_ character (on the door. Sister is busy in the house, she first picked up a few red lanterns, hanging in the room; Stick a bunch of little lights on the wall again. Small lights flashing, like seed of the little stars are blinking.

After eating dinner, I went out with fireworks, sister and brother. Brother opened the lighters, lit the fuse. Listen to _pa_, and a fire dragon into the sky, a beautiful _chrysanthemum_ open. They are colorful, red, yellow, A green, green; A blue, and purple. Multicolored fireworks dancing like measures, such as golden light scattered, a split, such as the peacock... Is really beautiful. At this time, the elder sister took up a big fireworks, flat on the ground, lit with lighter. _Bang_, it is to fly to the blue sky. It from time to time is like a delicate and charming red peony, such as a beautiful big huang ju, sometimes like a lovely violet.

春节作文英语60词 第15篇

The New Year is coming soon, my father and I are going to conduct a thorough cleaning, clean for the coming New Year.

In the afternoon, we began to the tense and busy cleaning. I go to study finishing the book, I put the books back on the shelf, then, dad put me sort of clean again. Before long, bookcase, desk is wiped clean. Then, we began to clean the Windows, dad with cleaning the Windows tools brush back and forth on the glass, with old newspapers to wipe it again, the glass is bright. Look at books neatly, bright window, my heart joy bloom.

I guess, my mom came home from work will be a big surprise.

春节作文英语60词 第16篇

Will Christmas Replace the Spring Festival?

Christmas arouses increasing attention year by year in China. Christmas cards bee popular with hold Christmas parties and exchange Christmas girts. A lot or TV and radio programs about Christmas are on. Meanwhile the Spring Festival is less appealing (to some people wonder whether Christmas will replace the Spring Festival.

This worry is fairly unnecessary. Why ? One reason lies that Christmas only affects Christians,college students and joint-venture reason is that Christmas is mostly celebrated in cities. Few people in countryside show extreme interest in this exotic contrast,the Spring Festival is the most influential traditional festival in every family.

I think,it is natural that with increasing exchanges with the West,a lot of Western holidays have been gradually introduced into China. For us Chinese we should never neglect or even discard our own traditional festivals。 For centuries Chinese have observed this traditional holiday to wele the beginning of a new year. And we will treasure the Spring Festival forever.

春节作文英语60词 第17篇

The Spring Festival

There are many festivals in China. Among them, I like the Spring Festival only because it’s the biggest festival in the year, but also because it’s a new beginning that brings hope to people and it’s time for family the festival, people come home no matter where they , we have a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve. And then families sit together and share their lives or will play games or hang out to have some the New Year’s Day, people get up early and say good words to anyone they can get lucky money from the following days, we will visit relative’s home and bring New Year’s wishes to short, it’s a time for family gathering and all of us enjoy it.


Spring Festival time

The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West。 All people living away from home go back,being the busiest time for transportation systems of about half a month from the Spring Festival。 Airports, railway stations and long-distance bus stations are crowded with home returnees。

During Spring Festival,the most improtant days are Spring Festival Eve and the first three days。Many customs acpany the Spring Festival。

During Spring Festival time,you can see kinds of decorations。you can go to temple fairs and enjoy superb performances of the dances, stilt-walking and amazing acrobatic shows。so i like it 。






春节作文英语60词 第18篇

Before the festival comes,everyone will do some means they can sweep away the bad will decorate the doors and windows with paper makes the house very the New Year's Eve,everyone will get together and have a big won't go to bed until the New Year's day,everyone will wish others _Happy New Year_.Children can get lucky will wear new children are the happiest,because they can wear new clothes and get lucky money.

春节作文英语60词 第19篇

The Spring Festival is very important to Chinese people. In the past,people could not often have meat,rice or other delicious food. They could only eat these during the Spring festival. So every year they hoped that the Spring Festival would come soon.

Now, although people‘s life is much better,and we can eat the delicious foods everyday. People still like the festival. Because mo

st people can have a long holiday,and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friends or have parties with our family. In the evenings,we can have a big meal in the restaurant or stay at home with family and watch the TV programs. I like the Spring Festival very much. How wonderful the Spring Festival is!

春节作文英语60词 第20篇


Christmas is coming, Christmas is our children's favorite holiday, because legend has Santa Claus, gifts for the children.

Do you think we each big supermarket parking lot in front of a vacancy here also have no, the supermarket is full of Christmas tree, the tree is dressed up very beautiful, hung above the shiny elegant small gifts, the waiter wearing a Christmas hat on his head. Store goods are at a discount, shopping and a lot more than usual, mother bought new shoes are very beautiful, in a mall.

Only English school held a Christmas program, the first is about money game, the teacher says 2 pieces, is two children embrace together, say 1 block 5 is an adult and two children are very interesting, exercise our reaction speed, the second is a problem, the students have a flower, one next to pass down, listen to music, as long as the music stops, flower also stop, just who fall into whose hand is to answer this question.




春节作文英语60词 第21篇

365 days a year, the most happy is the Spring Festival.

Thirty I got up very early in the day. I went to the sitting room, mom and dad to get up early, is busy in the kitchen.

I'm glad to run to the kitchen, with a beaming to say hello to your dad and mum: _how I met your mother, happy New Year, you were laborious!_ So happy to see me, dad stopped, work cheerfully told me today's arrangement, mum is cooking by side kept nodding. Listen to the father said, I am very happy, really wish every points every second pass slowly, so I carefully taste the taste of the Chinese New Year

春节作文英语60词 第22篇

In china, spring festival ione of the most important festivals. it ialso getting more and more popular in some foreign countries. when spring festival es, it meanthat a new year es, and people grow a year older. during the festival, it ivercrowded throughout the country.

on the eve of spring festival, parentget food, clotheand spring festival'goodprepared. the people who work outside e back, and the whole familgettogether to have mealand sagoodbye to the last year, and wele the new year. after the meal, thewait until midnight es. theset off fireworkthen.

on the first morning of the spring festival, everyone weartheir new clotheand then go to other'hometo celebrate the new year. each familsetoff fireworkwhen their gueste, and thetake out sweetand peanutto share. on the following days, thego around to their relativeand friends. the spring festival haseveral meanings. it meanpeople working outside can e back to relax themselves, a new year begins. when spring es, farmerbegin to plant cropand people make a plan for the new year.

all the people throughout the world pamuch attention to it. our countrof course holdsome national celebrationto celebrate it. thimost traditional festival in china will go on being celebrated in the future.

春节作文英语60词 第23篇

In our China, whether in the cities or the countryside, every family to celebrate the Spring Festival.

New Year's eve, my mother took me to the market to buy necessities. There are a lot of a lot of the market. My mother and I bought things with melon seeds, peanuts, chicken, duck, fish, meat, ham, cola and a variety of smoke from wine. We also bought a lot of fireworks. Ha ha, to eat, we are extremely happy. The mother sweep the floor in the home, dad wipe, brother hurriedly to affix Spring Festival couplets. With Spring Festival couplets congratulation, good lucky for you. Sister stick to compete well. Mother in order to meet the Spring Festival, even also brush the wall white. Grandpa came along with the appearance of priggish said _let's celebrate the year_. Then my mom to give us bought a red dress, red dress says the auspicious red.

Listen to grandma said: _the ancient times have a monster_ year _often come out in Spring Festival do strange, destroy the manor, return to eat children! But_ year _is not what all not afraid. It is said that_ nian _3 be afraid, afraid, afraid of cannon fire, afraid._ So the Spring Festival, must be shooting, wear red clothes.

春节作文英语60词 第24篇

New Year's eve night, whether adults or children lies a warm smile on her face, New Year's eve dinner is a splendid, serve fish or fowl, suddenly and violently with Fried, Fried, and plump dumplings like wing made in vain. Full house is permeated with singing away.

The New Year! The New Year! Let me look forward to Chinese New Year is rich and colorful TV programs, temptation than a TV program I was flying the fireworks. When New Year's bell, I single-handedly pulled brother, in her sister, rushed into the sky by xunlei less than their ears fireworks dancing world. Boom boom, slammed the sky suddenly played the music of the New Year, my sister and I waved small fireworks with the beautiful melody ran in the snow, as if into the dream of xanadu. Words can't describe this moment in the language of inner happiness.

春节作文英语60词 第25篇

My favorite holiday has a lot of, have tomb sweeping day, Dragon Boat Festival, children's day, the Mid-Autumn festival, but my favorite is the Spring Festival.

_Clicks_ firecrackers on New Year's eve, the street, the sky flashing dazzling spark, every household lights, the window of golden yellow, yellow-green, in combustion and off gradually, flowers, seemed to open the TV at the same time, in the play the wonderful show.

I stood on the sixth floor of the balcony, look, the New Year's eve the night sky is bright, many colorful fireworks shining in the sky, sometimes like to live the day cage with, often is exploded here, before falling again raised a few, and then blasted, rise again... Some fireworks at lightning speed, ten 10 to move in the air, pour down, as if the next beautiful meteor shower, is like a big waterfall, also really a little _plunges three thousand feet_ feeling! My mood is particularly bright and clear, this is _firecracker sound bowed out, every family to meet the New Year_.




春节作文英语60词 第26篇

The new year has come at last! I observed my mother bought a lot of food and the spring festival decorations, I could not resist the temptation, you want to taste the taste of candy, when I was about to eat, but was stopped by my mother, my mother smiled and said: _ you this little, give me stop, wait to eat the candy. ' '

After a while, the doorbell rang, mother hurried to open the door, the uncle and aunt of the neighbours came to the year, and they gave us gifts.

Then Dad took my sister and me to buy books. I've chosen two interesting storybooks. These books are interesting!

A busy day, my mother asked me to take a bath and put on new clothes. My mother wore new clothes, heart!

I'm so happy!

春节作文英语60词 第27篇

The Spring Festival! The Spring Festival! Every household blissfully unaware.

My home is not exceptional also, my house with a beautiful Spring Festival couplets, window stickers, or pattern of the rabbit!

The day of the year 30, at four o 'clock in the afternoon, we all ready to go out to dinner. Before leaving the mother call I write wishes on the red envelopes, grandpa likes sports lottery tickets, I will write on grandpa's red envelopes: wish grandpa lottery prize; Grandpa love playing mahjong, grandpa I will write on the envelope: wish grandpa mahjong table to make more money; Grandma and grandma I write I wish them good health! At the dinner table, I for mother give red envelopes to old people, adults also gave me lucky money, the adults wish me a happy New Year, learning progress, to the next level!

Shining words of blessing, she thanks hovering in the ear, my heart warm warm, sweet.