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初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第1篇


This year's summer vacation was most enjoyable. I spent fifteen days helping my grandparents doing farm work in the countryside, where I saw mountains fields covered with green plants. Sometimes I went swimming in the river to the west of the village, the water in which was quite clear.

I kept a diary every day. Besides doing farm work, I help the children in the neighborhood with their lessons. All of them showed interest in English. They could read write wellthey could hardly understand simple English. So every day in the morning I spent about two hours helping them improve their listening spoken English. They all made great progress. Their parents all thought highly of me. I now realize that knowledge is very needed in the countryside.




初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第2篇

My summer vacation

I hope that, left to right are looking forward to, the arrival of the summer vacation is finally came.

Summer vacation is in happiness and laughter always take all around. But everything out of my expectation, this summer vacation is boring, lifeless. Alas, this is not the holiday yet, is test for become a drowned rat. Thought after the holiday, can enjoy the relaxation, adjustment to adjust the mood, but shortly in the idea, make up a missed lesson this vacation ”bad news“ is coming, I like was beaten by the frost of eggplant, seems all idea suddenly ran to the cloud nine.

In the school for a few days after class, I do not know for what reason, not filled. This is my happy journeys out of the cage as a gue. But not for long, the parents have always been competitive, hope a less-pressured, so they sent me to go to ”recharge“. This is my gas fire emit three zhangs. I this person, it's time to learn not careless, shouldn't study even when yan Lao tze also have no way to of me, and this is the world no one answers. For this, I will pick the goat, really don't know who belongs to this summer.

During lessons, I unwilling I spent my summer vacation like this in other people's control, so we want to play with a ball, stimulate the point, so learn the others fled a lesson. Kingdom this escape, she will push me into the ”fire“, who is tipped them off to the teacher, I was left a ”hint“, to ”critical“ to find a teacher! After every day I live in hiding, fearful. Make up a missed lesson is close to the end, my mind was gradually quieted down.

Make up a missed lesson after, I only a wish, is to calm down and weathering ”old age“, but a classmate of a phone call and I have to make trouble. She let me and her accommodation, I hesitated, because I have to talk it over with your parents, can give her the answer. I tell it. But I know I said this is purely to comfort her, because I know that parents of the answer must be ”no“. But I'm still holding the idea to try. In the evening, I will try to rush father ”gate of hell“, unexpectedly, this actually pass! I'm in high spirits, with confidence and go through the mother's ”18 arhats. But, this I have no rush in the past, but I was scarred. I had to dig in the belly of the internal heat all shouted at his mother sends out, the mother of a “fist”. I am full of grievances, tears in her eyes, but I can't say a word to refute, so I can take a hunger strike against the mother's “violence”. Alas! But because I was born a “sweet tooth” cat, just off for a day, can not but. In this way, the wave of “hunger strike” subsided, summer vacation is over in the stimulation and helpless!

No places of interest to enrich my summer vacation of my experience, no laughter, accompany me only teacher cadence and mom and dad “push”. Sad indeed, my summer vacation life!

初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第3篇


Build a Harmonious Society

Dear fellow students,

Our government is going to build a “harmonious society”. I think it is everyone's duty to work hard to achieve this goal.

As high school students, what should we do ?

First of all, we should love our motherland. Let's take a great interest in the development of our hometowns and take an active part in our school's activities.

Secondly, let's fill the world with love. We should show our respect for old people, our parents and our teachers. We should also care for each other and help those in need. Mostimportant of all, all of us must be faithful and honest in our daily life.

Finally, let's work together to save energy and protect our natural environment, including animals, trees, flowers and grass.

As for myself, I will study even harder and try my best to do all the above.

Dear fellow students, let's start right now and spare no effort to do a little bit every day,every hour, and every minute!

Li Xiaoping

From Huanggang High School

Everyone knows that there is a very important sports meeting over the world called the Olympic Games. It’s held once every four years.

The twenty-ninth Olympic Games will be held in Beijing which is the captial of China. Beijing is an old but beautiful city, there are many places that are famous for their scenery or historical relics here. For example , the Great Wall , the Forbidden City , the Temple of Heaven and so on, they all show the history and culture of China.

“One World , One Dream”is the slogan of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games. And do you know the five happy babies? They are Beibei、Jingjing、Huanhuan、Yingying and Nini. In fact, they’re the personifications of animals.

With the nice city, with the good slogan and the five happy babies, the most important is with the industrions Chinese people. I think the twenty-ninth Olympic Games will have a great success!

Welcome to Beijing , welcome to China !

In recent years, many newspapers and magazines focus on the activities of film stars, pop singers and some other famous men and women. Reporters disguise their identities, infiltrate the subject's business and family, or even bug and wiretap them——to get the news by whatever means are necessary.

It is not difficult to explain the reason for their surprising amount of interest in famous people's lives. They are in the spotlight, renowned or notorious, they are the topic of ordinary people who like to know everything about them. To satisfy their curiosity, or “the people's right to know”, journalists often find it their duty to report their activities.

More over, what matters to a newspaper or a magazine is the number of readers. A large readership means the rise in the circulation of their publications, hence a huge profit. Since film stars and pop singers are newsworthy figures, and their stories draws far more attention than those of other people, it is natural that the press tries to attract them to buy their magazines by featuring private lives of famous people.

How ever, those exposed people can be severely injured by such press attention. Sensational stories about their private lives cause great unhappiness to them. To escape reporters, they can't even lead a normal life. Sometimes their lives will be in danger. For example, Princess Diana died in a car accident as she attempted to escape photographers in a chase through Paris.

Famous people are also citizens. They have the right to keep their own privacy like ordinary people——the basic right which should be respected, protected and guaranteed by our laws in whatever circumstances.


初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第4篇

Look forward, look forward to, finally come to the second summer vacation in primary school. The life of the summer vacation is really colorful! In the first few days, as Mom and Dad were at work, they sent me to the grandmother's home in the country. There were no restrictions on homework every day, without the mother's accusation and supervision. I've been crazy for days. I can control my time in the daytime: playing cards, playing football, playing basketball, playing chess... Look at the TV in the evening, or take a walk with grandma outside, and come back to sleep without worry and sleep until daybreak.

At the beginning of July 4th, mother school was formally set up for the summer vacation. I left my grandmother and returned to his home. Under the supervision of my mother, I launched a race with my summer homework. I read two English reading books in the morning, do some math problems, do some Chinese in the afternoon, sometimes I listen to English tapes. With the help of my mother, I spent more than ten days and finally finished my summer homework.

In the next days, I was very relaxed. My mother didn't give me extra homework. In addition to Sax who blew for thirty minutes a day, the rest were at my disposal, and she didn't force me to do my homework. I read some books during the summer vacation. The stories in the book are interesting and fun. I'd like my mother to buy me some books like this.

The end of the summer, and you can see my dear classmates and teachers, I was beside himself with joy, I hope one day to see them.

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初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第6篇

At the end of the final exam, the winter vacation began, and I returned home with the homework assigned by the teacher.

I think, winter vacation homework is to do, play is to play, it is better to play enough to do homework. But mom and dad said, do homework and play to cross, is a part of every day to do homework and play. I have to take care of it. So, I spent my winter vacation: doing homework, watching TV, playing and paying a new year.

Do my homework, I'm not conscious enough. I always want my mom and dad to rush it. I just do it. Do not do the homework to ask Mom and Dad, they can not do, had to empty, ready to bring back to the school to ask the teacher. Most of the homework has been completed, except for a few unfinished assignments.

I like watching TV very much. If Mom and Dad don't ask me to do my homework or turn off the TV, I can really get up from morning and sleep at night. But dad said: television looks long and has an impact on the eyes. So, I actually only looked at some of the animations and children's programs, and the Spring Festival Gala.

Playing is my hobby, mother said I like to play. In winter vacation, I played ping-pong and badminton with my father and mother. Every time I play, I have to play enough to be willing to give up. They have to accompany me. Now I think it's selfish. But dad said I had a great improvement in playing. In addition, I also went shopping, bought things, the Spring Festival also let off fireworks and firecrackers, very happy.

Yes, I have been to my grandparents' family, grandma's, uncle's and aunt's home for the past year. When I visited New Year, I didn't eat much fish and meat, but I ate a lot of eggs and steamed bread, and I also ate lots of sugar, peanuts and fruits, and I had many red packets. In addition, it is very enjoyable to play with my sister and brother by the way.

In a word, I had a very happy and rich winter holiday.

初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第7篇

I wish my ah, look forward to! The annual summer vacation is finally came. This summer vacation is different from usual summer vacation

- must be happy. Before the summer vacation, are arranged by my father, mother, not in class is to write a lot of homework, doesn't even have time for play. I know, mom and dad that is good for me. But that is too “luxury”!!!! I don't happy at all. This year's summer vacation, can't taste that an indication that I want to own!

Summer vacation is coming, I began to make decision. Although the summer vacation is my family, but don't just want to play but forget to study, should mix! Arrange the summer vacation I have think it over: first rushed to complete the homework, to look forward to already a long time of Hong Kong, the rest of the day, sleep lie-in, playing computer, read books, watch television, swim. Ha ha! Good!!!!

First of all, I with superhuman speed, high quality finished, count, the three homework this summer vacation. YES! I finally can go to look forward to already a long time of the Hong Kong tourism. Hong Kong, it was really not the kui is the world of light the fire of the ocean. Nightfall, each building high-rise buildings are colored lights shining, just like the day! Not the kui is a pearl.

After you come back from Hong Kong, so I arrange my family's comfort. I read the book extra-curricular almost every day. Ha! Ha! A lot more this year than in previous years, look! Robinson Crusoe, the submarine two miles “world classics, etc. The most interesting or look at a few written by the famous Hong Kong writer jin yong martial arts novels, such as ”game-writing protocol sword“, ”ShuJianEnQiu record“ and so on. At this point, I deeply realize: the book is the ocean of knowledge, I like fish, swim freely in the sea of knowledge.

This summer vacation, I made a lot of things, although I can't write down one by one, but I am also very happy. I finally tasted the taste of the family! Remember my mother said that she was a child of the summer vacation is to go to pick wild fruit, fishing in the river, catch fresh, very happy. My summer vacation this year, it seems, summer vacation fuller than mother, makes more sense! I hope next year, or, my summer vacation, my family.

初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第8篇

This years summer vacation was most enjoyable. I spent fifteen days helping my grandparents doing farm work in the countryside, where I saw mountains fields covered with green plants. Sometimes I went swimming in the river to the west of the village, the water in which was quite clear.

I kept a diary every day. Besides doing farm work, I help the children in the neighborhood with their lessons. All of them showed interest in English. They could read write wellthey could hardly understand simple English. So every day in the morning I spent about two hours helping them improve their listening spoken English. They all made great progress. Their parents all thought highly of me. I now realize that knowledge is very needed in the countryside.



初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第9篇

Get up in the morning, warm warm sunshine on my body, also on in every corner of the city. Such a beautiful morning, I must do something meaningful, do morning exercises? Reading a book? Had, I'd like to have a person to go shopping. With mother agreed to, so I took 20 yuan Qian Xingfen to set out.

But, in the road, I looked at and vehicles, the in the mind suddenly tense up. There seems to be a two SIMS in the fight. One said: _, or go home, let mother took me to the supermarket._ Another said: _too bad, is not to cross the road, just be careful._ When the green light, I follow flow smoothly through the road. To across the road, my in the mind of the stone is fell to the ground.

Soon came to the supermarket, supermarket is particularly busy today, is full of holiday atmosphere. I look east, west Chou Chou, no favorite items. I came to the second floor again, I am dazzled before wide variety of goods. I want to: father work so hard every day, should mend, I decided to do a bread salad for him with her hands. And I came into the bread, take the bag of sliced bread. And bread area was right next to the fruit area, weeping peach, red apple, and I need to use of kiwi fruit. I carefully selected three kiwi said. 20 yuan to? I calculated, and then there were 12 yuan. Suddenly, a floral floats over, I walked toward the fragrance, the original flavor of the mouth come from the flower zone. I shine at the moment, I will (golden gourd) that you don't is my dream. Go back with my father and mother of a gold bottle gourd is not interesting? I looked at the full basket, think about the same. So he came to collect very checkout. The cashier aunt smiled and looked at me, I put the items one by one, on tenterhooks, a short time later, the aunt said to me: _a total of 20 yuan._ I listen to a jump three feet high.

初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第10篇

I spend a good holiday this in the holidays,I do a lots of things.

I'm a person who likes often do some sports in the holidays,just like play think that play basketball can help me grow higher and higher,an it can let me happy.

I also help my parents to do some houseworks .My parents are vevy happy to do I finished this work the house si much beautiful!!

To be a student,finsh my homework also is do my homework every day,altough I don't like it.

But the time is run,I spend happy holidays fast,the new term begins ,I shall back to my classroom,meet my holidays,we will meet again next year!!

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初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第12篇

Summer vacation life is imminent, I booked a table, for their summer vacation life more colorful, not only a waste of time for two months.

Because my parents are going to work, so I must have five days a week in class. Ann class to prepare for us to learn a lot of courses, such as English, mathematics, poetry etc, of course, let me live a very full life.

Leisure entertainment, of course, not less, so we arranged the trip to taitung. At the beginning of the coast of taitung, deer farms, let me leave a good impression, especially in the mountain bike trip, I have to ride all the way (ring town twelve kilometers), I am very admire!

I made a reservation for their projects are: learn to swim, read reference books increase knowledge, exercise more, help to do the housework, learning skills, etc., these projects are waiting for me to reach, so I need to work harder.

Daily homework is a lot of, just can use summer vacation to relax the mood, do usually doesn't have time to do things, let summer vacation have a more meaningful life.

初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第13篇
















初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第14篇

Suddenly, the summer vacation is coming. I'm happy to _one jump three feet high_ but I gradually found that summer vacation is boring. I wanted to finish in ten days, but, I have been doing for 24 days. The 30 day finally finished, father has bought me, only on Saturday and Sunday can rest a while.

I don't like a holiday, but, as long as I still quite like no homework. More like summer and winter vacation, homework, tired bad. I hope can have a holiday, and can not write my homework, how comfortable, how carefree! If the day sentient days also old, if a man love die young.

初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第15篇


People help with each other, it is the greatest thing in the world. We should give our love to people who need help.

It was a nice day. A blind person Ben walked with a walking stick. When he was walking down the street, a little boy tumbled because of banana skin. Maybe there is something wrong with his legs. So the little boy cried sat on the floor. Although Ben can’t see anything, he walked to the little boy. Ben wanted to help the boy. So Ben said,” Don’t cry. Let me help you.” The little boy was very happy. Ben carried the little boy on the back. The little boy help Ben, too. So they were very happy.

If you see someone needs help, please help him. I’m sure you will be very happy.

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初二英语作文暑假生活80词 第17篇


初二暑假英语作文:The first day of our summer holiday-暑假的第一天

It was the first day of our summer holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In winter holidays, I want to have full sleep and eat good food in order to replenish myself. Last but not the least, I will have a good rest.

初二暑假英语作文:A Plan for My Summer Holiday-我的暑假计划

Summer holiday is coming. How excited! I have made a plan for my summer holiday. First of all, I will go to Hong Kong to visit my aunt. And then I will stay with her for a while. As Hong Kong is the shopping paradise, of course, I will ask my aunt to go shopping with me. I will also eat the delicious food there. And then I will go home. I know that study comes first. So I will finish my homework first. After that I will go out play with my friends. And then I will take a good rest to prepare for my coming back to school.

初二暑假英语作文:An unforgettable day during Summer vacation-暑假难忘的一天

It was a sunny day today,when i got up in the morning,i decided to see my i took the bus and got there at noon,they were happy to see me,and i was very happy,too.

In the afternoon,my farther asked me to help him water the plant,and i was happy to see the flowers smiling in the wind.

In a word,today is a unforgetive i saw my relatives and helped people.